FC Barcelona 2017 - Best Comeback Ever ( Official Movie )

slaygayponyboy  asked:

34 with Alana somehow maybe?

There isn’t enough Zoe and Alana friendship so hope you enjoy #34 “You’re bleeding all over my furniture”


“No Zoe, I will not take that who is my celebrity boyfriend quiz,” Alana laughed and shook her head. Zoe pouted and gave her friend the puppy dog eyes but Alana simply shook her head. “I will not give in Zoe,” Alana smirked as Zoe crossed her arms, in defeat.

“Fine, do you want anything to drink?” Zoe asked as she stood up. Alana nodded and requested some water. As Zoe made her way to the kitchen, Alan felt something drip from her nose. Was she catching a cold? She lifted her sleeve to her nose and wiped.

Crap…Nose bleed. Alana shot up quickly and noticed the blood dripping onto the Murphy’s couch. “Nooooo…” Alana whined as she tipped her head back, there was quite a bit of blood, probably the most in any nose bleed she ever had and of course she had to bleed on her friend’s couch.

“Hey Alana-woah are you okay?” Zoe questioned, setting the water down. Zoe noticed the blood on the couch and Alana’s head being tipped up. “You’re aware you’ve bled all over my couch?” Zoe giggled. There was quite a bit of blood on the couch. 

“Yeah I know, can we please go to your bathroom?” Alana asked. Zoe nodded and led her friend to the bathroom. She passed Alana some tissues and Alana was embarrassed. She bled all over her friend’s furniture and probably stained the couch. “This is so embarrassing, I bled all over your couch,” Alana covered her eyes, head still tipped back.

“Don’t sweat it ‘Lana,” Zoe assured her. “It’s just a bit of blood, nothing to worry about,” Zoe passed her friend more tissues and Alana smiled gratefully. ”Thanks Zoe,” Alana said and put the tissues up to her nose.

 “And if my parents get mad, we can always blame Connor or whatever,” Zoe giggled. “Oh yes, let’s blame poor Connor, imagine that conversation,” Alana laughed. Zoe just shook her head in amusement, Connor would be the fall guy, it wouldn’t be the first time she blamed something on her brother.

“Are you all good?” Zoe questioned after about ten minutes. Alana nodded, the bleeding seemed to have stop. “Promise you won’t bleed all over the furniture if we go back out there,” Zoe joked as she opened the bathroom door.

“Well no promises but I can try,” Alana laughed. “And didn’t Connor bleed on the couch?” Alana questioned, amused. Zoe let out a snort as the two girls headed into the living room.

“Oh yeah I forgot, gosh dang it Connor, always having nose bleeds and ruining furniture,” Zoe and Alana both let out laughs as they headed back into the living room. “Okay so now that I basically nursed you back to health will you take the quiz?” 

“No Zoe, I will not,”