I have so many feelings for this… This is the greatest video ever…. not only because i love the try guys and i love memes and YouTube, but also because this makes me so nostalgic… I remember me and my brother watching Smosh on my granpa’s computer in 2006… I remember those memes! (And It makes me feel old…) I love the guys impressions and the songs and the end!!! (the only thing i didn’t like was damn daniel cause i hated that meme…) But in any case, this is really the best video ever!!!

Seattle Pride was amazing this year! I carried the flag in the parade again and actually ran into quite a few followers who recognized me since I wore my jacket (y'all made me feel like a celebrity!)

I’m so happy to live in this city. Even during the darkest times we never stop expressing ourselves through art, marching and protesting, or building community. Happy pride, Seattle 🌈

Harry’s man-bun - and, later - ponytail and Ginny’s pixie cut, the hairstyles they adopt for a while early on in their marriage, are outward representations of their agency in a post war world. 

Harry had let his hair grow long and wild for a few years after the war, partly because no one had the nerve to tell The Savior Of The Wizarding World what to do with his hair and he was enjoying the freedom, and partly in tribute to Sirius. He only started tying it back because it was easier that way with a baby around, although James loved his father’s hair. 

Ginny cut hers for Quidditch, and found that she loved the way she looked, and it made it easier for “grab and go” hairstyles. She lets it grow out once the kids are past the age of pulling it - older than you might think - and as she ages, she lets it grey naturally. 

Again, I have to think @blvnk-art for these images here, here and here. They are now my irrevocable headcanons for these two, and I’ll never think of them another way. 

Ellgan & Jarissa. OC commission by the insanely talented and absolutely wonderful, @shanlightyear

Logan Michel Kesley grows up knowing without a doubt that he’s going to take over Benoit Farms and Gardens. Country life suits him perfectly and he’s in no hurry to settle down, but when he meets city-girl Elinor Le, his peaceful country life gets a shake up.

Jad Mahad Kesley recently returns to Benoit Farms and Gardens after studying abroad to become a vet. He hasn’t even officially opened up his clinic yet when writer, Carissa Gordon, literally comes crashing into his life. 

Oh you know, just a couple of OC OTPs and angsty love stories I’ve been cooking up in my head… Full fics to come… eventually… some day.