Mary Allen Wilkes (b. 1937) is a logic designer and computer programmer who has been recognized by many as “the world’s first personal computer”. She worked at the Lincoln Laboratory in Massachusetts, first on the Speech Recognition Project, then on the LINC Computer – the world’s first minicomputer and an ‘ancestor’ of today’s PCs.

She was the one who designed the LINC’s operating system, and subsequently the first person in the world to have a personal computer at home. She also taught at the Center for Computer Technology in the Biomedical Sciences at MIT.

My low-carb version of pesto pasta! I’ve missed these flavors, and it’s so easy. I cooked ground chicken and spinach sauteed in a soy-milk, coconut oil, and cream cheese sauce. Add pesto paste, some extra garlic, stir, and simmer. Then pour over shirataki noodles, which I cooked with a dash of lemon in the water! Top with parmesan and chopped walnuts for a super satisfying fall Keto dinner 😌

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