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I love how Weiss is crushing on Neptune. Hope it ends well for both.


Even though I like White rose, I think I can get behind Weiss and Neptune for one big reason, they’re still young.

Like Monty said, they’re still figuring out who they are, and a first crush or first love is no indication of who someone might love down the line. If anything those two having a thing seems more realistic to me, makes them more real.

Maybe.  We’ll have to see.


It’s definitely one of the best he’s been involved in.


(already responded, but yeah :D)

It’s less a parallel between them as characters, I think, and more a theme of how people try to justify decisions.



Oh, I’ve done it too.

That’s part of it.  I already wrote a response about the rest of it.

Ouch.  Well done, Crewniverse.

Isn’t it, though? :D


I’m honestly okay with Sage and Scarlet not having a proper intro to the show yet. Good things come to those who wait, and so much is happening there hasn’t been a good place to slide them in yet.

Of course, the way the newest episode ended that might change.


I actually like the way background characters were silhouetted in the first volume but won’t be in the second. At first it was focused just on the main characters with a small peek at the world they inhabited, so the background figures were shadowed, but the world and story is expanding in the second, and so is how the audience is seeing it. It’s like accidental symbolism.