It’s almost Christmas and to celebrate that I thought I’d make a follow forever!! So here is a list of my favourite people and blogs; your mere presence on my dash makes me smile, so thank you.

Amazing People (who also have wonderful blogs)

addisonsmontgomery ❅ afeelingdeepinyoursoul ❅ annacinderellas ❅ bibobbimorse ❅ ejeanstone ❅ glitterandbegay ❅ hay-larious ❅ kendrickz ❅ landslidesom ❅ mockingjaylane ❅ orangemochafrappacinno ❅ reeferma-dness ❅ rizzletown ❅ sherralotz ❅ shiksahiatt ❅ snowykendrick ❅ stanakaticks ❅ starlordsquill ❅ the-gnarly-bits ❅ tracymcconnell 

Wonderful Blogs (that are probably run by amazing people too)

alisonnbries ❅ amauzing ❅ ameliasfairytales ❅ annakendrickvevo ❅ annieaceofhearts ❅ birdlaces ❅ brittany-snodes ❅ castor-leda ❅ cathyhiatt cathywellerstein ❅ chandraleeschwartz ❅ clarajohnsons ❅ coffeesandmurders ❅ defiantbritta ❅ desireearmfeldt ❅ drmedusagrey ❅ favouriteghost ❅ goblinsking greymethod  hollywoodx4 ❅ jmma-simmons ❅ joelmclaurie ❅ lauraabenanti ❅ little-greysanatomy ❅ notalwaysontime ❅ octaviabutterflywarriorblake ❅ owenhunt ❅ owenhunted ❅ pagets ❅ roryomalley ❅ sashapagetjcap ❅ stopthenrewind

A quick message to everyone else
I also recently passed 2,500 followers (thank you to the hype surrounding the Last Five Years trailer for being the last surge I needed to get there)!! So thank you to every single person who follows me. I love that you found something on this blog worth sticking around for and I’m glad you’re here. I can promise you that every time you reblog one of my gifsets I’m taking a peek at what you tagged it with. Even if we’re not mutuals, I notice you.And to all the people that I follow… whether your blog appears on here or not, I want you to know that I think you’re great. I don’t follow many blogs any more, because my dash was becoming too cluttered, so if you’re one of the exclusive 300 or so you must be really special. The above list is not exhaustive and I don’t doubt that I’ve missed a few excellent blogs, so you can view my entire blogroll +here+. Merry Christmas to all and take care these holidays! Lots of love, Megan.