@_amatsuki_ そらるさんが「だいじょーぶだいじょーぶ」ってピエロ歌いながら猫に近付いていって逃げられてる ワロタ

Amatsuki: Soraru-san was singing ’daijoubu daijoubu(it’s alright, it’s alright)’ from the song ‘pierrot’ as he got closer to a cat but it ran away LOL

Utaite Quotes

a montage from twitter, namahousous, interviews and whatnot

Amatsuki : “I like how Soraru reads his lines so mindlessly.”
Soraru : “There are conspiracies about how I speak like that in real life”
Amatsuki : “Are you a robot?”
Soraru : “(●ー●)I am Soramax”

Soraru : “I never thought I would cry at this age just because my Dragon Quest save file was corrupted.”

KK : “Ah, will someone please tell me something to wake me up”
Sui : “Hey, don’t you have something to apologize to me about?”
KK : “Eh? That’s scary… Sorry.”

Mafumafu : “Today is father’s day! What should I give him? Good morning everyone!”
Fan : “Wait, father’s day is tomorrow…”
Mafumafu : “Wait”

un:c : “For some reason, I was stopped and questioned by the police at the station. They took my bag and said "Is this your bag? Can I see your wallet? Is this your wallet? Are you sure?” Do I look like a thief…?“

Zebra : "I should find hobbies that are calm. Like bungee jumping…”

Fan : “You look pretty busy, are you okay?”
Amatsuki : “I’m fine. I’m rotating between AmatsukiA, AmatsukiB, and AmatsukiC. We pay them a lot, too. We’re still recruiting AmatsukiD.”

luz “I’m in a packed subway and a pretty girl has her face in my chest. Thank god I’m alive…. (Tears of joy)”

Kogeinu “It’s not loud, is it? Of course it’s not, it’s my voice loool”

Glutamine “Ultraohayo!!” (Ohayo means good morning)

Fan “I like short men! Go out with me!”
Hashiyan “Shut up!”

un:c “The hot bath in Kagoshima is really soft!”
Mafumafu “How does it feel?”
un:c “It feels like Mafumafu”
Mafumafu “Wow, it must be really soft!”

Kogeinu “I want to deliver some good news, what qualifies as good news?”
Soraru “Maybe getting a girlfriend”
Kogeinu “Dammit”

Soraru “Good morning! Everyone have a good day”
Sui “Soraru san, it’s still 10 pm.”

KOOL “"I don’t like thundeeeeerrrr I’m scaaaaarrrred” said un:c. He’s cute.“

Ashikubi "Nooo… Don’t go to work, I’m lonely.”
Ashikubi “You’re cute, there you go (smile)”
Ashikubi “Yeah, I’ll be a good boy now… I’ll wait at home”
Ashikubi “Thank you, I love you”

Amatsuki “I found a couple of good restaurants”
Itou Kashitarou “That’s great! Let’s go someday”
Amatsuki “I’ve learned that people who say "someday” tend not to come, so I won’t look forward to it.“
Itou Kashitarou "Just think that you got tricked and wait!”
Amatsuki “Aah, there you go, tricking people again, you sinful man”

Mafumafu “When I try to talk to people, it’s like time has stopped and nobody answers.

Wait, so I guess this is what they call magic…”

Eve “I want to follow someone who tweets only funny things, any recommendations?”
Natsushiro “That guy called Natsushiro looked really funny.”
Eve “ ”
Natsushiro “In front~ of a new~ door~ aren’t you~ feeling~ lonely~ (sings)”
*The lyrics of Sarishinohara

Mafumafu “I’m at a cafe with Amatsuki kun! … Why are they giving us two straws in a single drink…”

But, Mafu-kun you see, likes Soraru-san
  • But, Mafu-kun you see, likes Soraru-san
  • Amatsuki Namahousou
  • Sorairomafura

Amatsuki was talking about how he doesn’t particularly like to be the subject of impressions/imitations.

Amatsuki : Hmm.. if its like, i truly like this person and I want to imitate them then I think its totally fine. Something along those lines…. If its me doing it I wouldn’t really want to do anything offensive. But, Mafu-kun you see, likes soraru-san (so its okay). He does imitations of soraru-san a lot you see.

Utaite Quotes Round 3

un:c at 8:03 AM : Going to sleep ( ՞ٹ՞)
un:c at 7:57 PM : Wait. It’s night?

KK: I’ve learned not to fear the crows around dumpsters, and their sounds don’t bother me anymore.
Eve: Can you talk to them?
KK: Caw~
Eve: hahahah…… (dammit, I gotta do something about this bastard fast)
(* parody of Light’s line in Death Note)

Mafumafu: Soraru san resembles a snowman for some reason.
Soraru: I don’t know….
Mafumauf: You know, with the muffler and all!

Mafumafu: I’ve lost interest in women after I met Soraru san.

Interveiwer: What do you think about Touyu san?
Amatsuki: Going out to eat with him makes me happy. We can stroke our bellies and be happy.

Fan: What do you want to do if you can become a magical boy(mahoushounen)?
Kogeinu: I want to fight with my followers.

Samuraiman: It’s okay….. I practiced handle steering for one hour yesterday in the bathroom with my bowl, today’s driving will be fine!

Itou Kashitarou: I can’t forgive you… Amatsuki-!! Buy me ramen!!
Itou Kashitarou: I know now. My attacks are meaningless to you, Amatsuki. I’ll act more mature.
Amatsuki: Eh wat

(At three in the morning on twitter)
Han: Haa….. I want your ass so hard….
TMDC: No… not that…..
Han: Ha….. no… accept me…
TMDC: Ah hyung….. (=neesan in japanese, kinda means brother)

Amatsuki: Kogeinu san, your name can also be read as Kogeken, so why don’t you write your name as コゲ犬(kanji)-こげいぬ(kana)- too?
(* Amatsuki writes his name as Amatsuki(kanji)-amatsuki(kana)-, because his name can also be read in many other ways such as tengetsu. the kana between the hyphens dictate how to read the kanji.)
Kogeinu: Somebody take him to the hospital

Fan: Work lol
Glutamine: No lol

Amatsuki: This is our first collab!
un:c: I like health and sex ed.
Amatsuki: I liked how we shouted together at the end!
un:c : I like health and sex ed.
Amatsuki: Please enjoy!
un:c: health and sex ed
Amatsuki: I don’t care anymore….
(Lost one’s weeping upload comment)

Soraru: Amatsuki offered to bath together and I refused, and I think he got grumpy.
Amatsuki: This is not what it sounds like
(* In asia it’s okay for same-sex people to bath together, See the Conan show korean spa clip for an idea…)

Soraru: Anyone who is cute, kind, good with kids, committed, hard-working and good at cooking and cute is good, so will said person go out with me

Yuuto: A 31 year old man sings the song of an 18 year old boy w
(Lost Time Memory upload comment)

Itou Kashitarou: I thought the only reason I would appear on the news would be when I do something illegal and become a convict, but then I realized that I would never have the guts to do so.
(After the info for his one man live came up on yahoo news)

DC: My followers are decreasing, but I’m hoping that all the people that are left are pretty girls. One can dream.
Fan: I’m a guy.
DC: Uh, sorry…

S!N: Hashiyan san, I’m not familiar with baseball, so maybe I could go watch a game with a high school girl.
Hashiyan: Police officer, come get this guy.

Underbar: For some reason Animal Crossing is getting popular. I’ve gotten it a while ago. I paid off my debts and played a little while, but nobody visited me so I got lonely and sold it off.

Akatin: While I was asking Mafumafu to work on my songs, I touched his bu- no, it’s nothing.

Fan: Dasoku san! I left my house keys at my house by mistake! What do I do?
Dasoku: Move

Itou Kashitarou: Hashiyan san, did you have a good night? I didn’t, because Amatsuki was talking in his sleep all night.
Amatsuki: Idiiiooot Idiiiioooooot! I’m hungry, let’s go eat
Aho no Sakata: I'mhungryI'mhungryI'mhungryI'mhungry
(Saint Smiley 2GS members on their trip together, via twitter)

Itou Kashitarou: The world is much more kinder than I thought! I’ve been hiding my eyes and crouching, but the world is nothing to be afraid of….? Wait…. I’m Mary? (Kagerou Project reference)

Soraru: Can I pay my delusion tax and become a pretty girl with big boobs
(Delusion Tax upload comment)

Fan: Can I go to your live performance alone?
Itou Kashitarou: I was alone most of my life anyways! Please come!

Michan: Like this, goodbyes always come suddenly…….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Help meeeeeeeee
(Tweet after he dropped his phone into water)

Fan: Have you ever been hurt because of love?
Itou Kashitarou: Never. I’ve never fallen in love in the first place.
Itou Kashitarou: Kekekeke.

luz: When I met up with Mafu kun and Uratan, they had the same hats and I went Eh (lets imagination go wild).
Mafumafu: Not only hats, but our shoes were the same color too.

Amatsuki: I had some time so I went to Mafu kun’s house with Kony to give him a birthday cake! It’s not his birthday or anything by the way!
Mafumafu: Seriously what the heck, the bell was ringing so I got the door and I got my birthday celebrated.

Itou Kashitarou: I read that putting salt in your bath helps you relax. So I put in this. (picture of “Magic salt Spice&herb) The basil clogged my pipes.
Itou Kashitarou: Oh well, happy lunar new year for the chinese people out there! Everyone, have a year full of happiness! Even though my bath is full of basil…
Itou Kashitarou: I’m staring closely at the floating basil…. They won’t flow!!
Itou kashitarou: Well, at least I could tell everyone not to use magic salt in your bath….
Hashiyan: Everyone is telling me not to put edible salt in my bath, but nobody does that, not even in comedy shows.

Itou Kashitarou: I just updated my blog about the relation between pancakes and ramen.

Amatsuki's major debut with King Records! Album release in July!!

(first-press limited edition jacket by Kuwahara Souta)

(regular edition jacket by Kamin)

Amatsuki is releasing his 1st major album on July 16, 2014, titled Hello, World! It will have a fantasy RPG theme, featuring several original songs, band rearranges of Vocaloid songs, and collaborations with composers and arrangers that have worked on anime music! One arranger has also worked on arranging Mizuki Nana’s songs! 

Track list

Lv.1: Tentai Prologue / Lyrics, Composition: Watanabe Sho, Arrangement: Nakayama Masato
Lv.2: Sekai no Mannaka / TOKOTOKO (NishizawaP) 
Lv.3: Hello, My story / Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Itowokashi
Lv.4: Hoshiai (band arrange) / Lyrics: Lefty Monster x Ito Kashitaro, Composition: Lefty Monster 
Lv.5: Neverend Land / Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Yurin
Lv.6: Music!! / Lyrics: Ito Kashitaro x Amatsuki, Composition: Ito Kashitaro, Arrangement: Sasaki Yutaka
Lv.7: Shounen to Mahou no Robot (band arrange) / 40mP
Lv.8: Bokura no Sekai-kei Sensou /  Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Mafumafu
Lv.9: Dear (band arrange) /  Lyrics, Composition: 19’s Sound Factory
Lv.10: Fairytale, (band arrange) / buzzG
Lv.11: Yume Miru Buriki / Lyrics: Amatsuki, Composition: Mafumafu x Amatsuki, Arrangement: Sasaki Yutaka
Lv.12: Cosmo Note / Lefty Monster
Lv.13: Ashita no Tsuki / Lyrics, Composition: Tada Shinya, Arrangement, Prog: Nakamura Yuu
Lv.14: Yume Yume (band arrange) / Lyrics, Composition: DECO*27
Lv.15: Hello, World / Lyrics: Amatsuki x Yurin, Composition: Yurin
+ Voice letter

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[Soraru’s Official LINE account] some of the auto-replies, when utaite names are sent:

▪ Amatsuki (あまつき/天月) - Protagonist/Hero Type
▪  Un:c (あんく) - Good person representative
▪  Chomaiyo (ちょまいよ) - It’s a friendly dog
▪  Giga (ギガ) - Moist
▪  Hashiyan (はしやん) - Passionate guy
▪  Ikasan (いかさん) - Probably an actual man
▪  Kain - AV actor
▪  Kogeinu (コゲ犬) - We smell similar. it might be possible that i’m burnt as well (koge = burnt)
▪  96neko (くろねこ/96猫) - 141 cm. she cannot be seen if she takes off her shoes
▪  Luz - Dog
▪  Mafumafu (まふまふ) - Actually cat allergy
▪  Miku (ミク) - Angel
▪  Nero -  I want to be an adult like Nero-san
▪  Neru - The best
▪  Rib (りぶ) - He’s a bit insane but he’s a good person
▪  Osamuraisan (おさむらいさん) - Probably a rip off of Yoku Hata (yoku hata is a comedian who is always dressed in a yukata)
▪  Reol (れをる)  - Sharp(?) but she has a cute side as well
▪  S!N -  Somehow Yabai ( なんかやばい )
▪  Touyu (灯油)  - I want him to cook for me
▪  Urata (うらた) - Polite child
▪  164 - 顔で弾いてるかっこいい

***Special thanks to Shuu for the translation
***[Other translation REF]  

  • Gravure
  • Soramafu

Soraru : Let’s show Mafumafu-san’s gravure too

Mafumafu : Please stop…really…really please stop ah~ It’s hard~ It’s hard!

Soraru : What does ‘Gravure’ means?

Mafumafu : Hmm? I don’t know..swimsuits…..

Soraru : That’s wrong wwwwww because Utaite-san’s gravure photos…it’s written there isn’t it? But it not like Amatsuki’s gravure photos are swimsuits

Mafumafu : Eh, isn’t it gonna be swimsuit from now on?

Soraru : Amatsuki?

Mafumafu : Mmh

Soraru : Ehhh~it’s hard to imagine Amatsuki’s face….what kind of faces he will make is a bit….