A couple of my “stay up wayyyy to late and play with screen caps” projects - what I do when I’m fed up with trying to create anything from the ground up. (Which is often, and a lot).
I don’t know why the tragic/angsty angle is my favorite one to work from, but it always has been. The sad. I like the sad. Don’t know why. Especially with a subject as beautiful and tragic as Loki - he is literally the *perfect* muse.
Although that first one - as heartbreaking as it is - some seriously inappropriate thoughts have crept in over it.
Loki you little shit. What have you done to me.

“‘Tell me about these tattoos,’ came his soft question.
Sannaet opened her mouth and then closed it again when she realized she had no ready reply… . She shifted a little to bring one knee up and hug the pillow closer. What should she say?”

Well, lokiofmiddleearth​ I warned you that amatasera​’s next illustration would be absolutely devastating – don’t you agree that it makes your heart stop?

This image goes with chapter 14 of my Loki fic A Walk-on Part in the War, and it left me speechless when she sent it to me this afternoon. Feel free to re-blog, so she gets all the props she deserves.

For those interested, here is a hopefully mobile-friendly chapter list to the story: 

Part 1, “Anonymous”

ch. 1, Of Disguises
ch. 2, Of Misdirection
ch. 3, Of Cats in the Library
ch. 4, Of Introductions
ch. 5, Of Redemption
ch. 6, Of Dreaming
ch.7, Of Waking
ch. 8, Of Atonement
ch. 9, Of Being Lost
ch. 10, Of Desperation
ch. 11, Of Wanderers

Part 2, “Diaspora”

ch.12, Of Security
ch. 13, Of Politics
ch. 14, Of Secrets
ch. 15, Of Playing Dress Up
ch. 16, Of Obligation
ch. 17, Of Energy and Inertia
ch. 18, Of Looking for Lost Things
ch. 19, Of Precious Things
ch. 20, Of Cyphers
ch. 21, Of Subterfuge
ch. 22, Of Family Harmony
ch. 23, Of Unexpected Arrivals
ch. 24, Of Storytellers
ch. 25, Of Fairy Tales and Origins
ch. 26, Of Enterprises Pithy and Momentous
ch. 27, Of Basements
ch. 28, Of Testimony and Bearing Witness
ch. the last, Of Beginnings

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I just can’t be stopped today. Saw this and just had to do it. Can’t decide if that’s Jonathan Pine or who ever he’s playing on Skull Island… but I’m excited for it hehehehe

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If that’s Tom in the foreground…I’m dying

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((Winter means long, *long* nights in a truck for me…and playing with this guy’s face is the best therapy for my rapidly escalating winter blues.))

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So I’m bored and waiting for my clothes to dry.

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