Amastacia NYX Black Wings of the Night Military Swallowtail Coat (release date 1st Dec 2012 9pm); translated by yetanotherjfashionblog

Colours: Black 475RMB, Purple 505RMB, Wine red 495RMB.

Models are both 162cm tall, they usually wear size M, in the photos they are wearing S-M. An a-line petticoat is recommended for this item. There are a total 4 “swallowtails” on this coat. 

Measurements: see above, no mention about custom sizing

Materials: Velvet (ordinary, without extra thickness) and miscellaneous lace. The lace you receive on your coat may not be the exact same as pictured. The shop will use their own discretion when picking lace and the overall effect of the garment will not be affected. The coat is great for spring or autumn, during winter you are can co-ordinate with other warm items.

Washing: Handwashing is okay but dry cleaning is recommended. Avoid using the washing machine. If the dirt falls on the velvet, use a brush to lightly brush it off. You can use light-adhesive tape to get rid of dust. Test the tape on a less prominent part of the coat to make sure the adhesive is not too strong. When steaming, stroke your steamer in one direction repeatedly. 

The production time is 4 weeks minimum (no exceptions) 


Amastacia NYX Swallowtail Coat (21 December 22:00 hours)


Classic Velveteen Version

- Colour is deep, you can easily co-ordinate with dark coloured items

- Very lolita-esque feel

- Does not require dry cleaning

- 官方原设定 (IDK what is this)

- limited pieces of SML coats can be shipped within 2 weeks


Wool Version

- The direction of the fur will not disorientate (how do I say this? Uhm, the stroke direction of the fur? They will all point the same way, you won’t have the “up and down” problem)

- Relatively Warmer

- Releasing a wool version due to popular requests

- Dry clean only

Photos released on weibo only, not released on taobao listing