yeah, and I realize he does, but intense shippers happens in every ship fandom and saying that he gets shit only from Sterek shippers is just unfair. I know plenty Sterek shippers that are some of the biggest Scott fans at the same time, and i remember some that are not fans of his just as they’re not fans of Sterek. I can’t understand how we’re told to be the ones who does all the harm to Scott’s character. 

And to be honest, I don’t believe Posey thinks Sterek fans in general doesn’t like him, he met way too many Sterek shipers and is way too smart for this. I think he doesn’t like the fact it gets lots of attention, cause it shouldn’t according to him and that’s it. 

Yeah, fandoms are tricky, as much pain and headaches this fandom gave me over the years, it brought ridiculous amount of happiness that can’t be compared, so. :) 

Yeah, that’s my point as well. Few fans who told him rude stuff are nothing compared to the ones who absolutely adores him. And if he knows about bad ones, he should know about the good ones. 

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1. Tell me some childhood memory that comes into your mind.

Dressing up with a curtain holding my dad’s “best father award” Oscar figure, screaming: “I’m an Oscar award winning!” LOL

2.If you could time travel to any period. Which one would you choose?

Oh god,that’s a tough one!Probably the 20’s or the 40’s,I love that decades.Also,fashion was beautiful.

3.Which superhero power do you want to have if you’ve got the choice?

Be able to fall asleep anytime,anywhere.Most of my nights are slepless nights,so that would be pretty nice.

4.In what book, movie or tv show would you like to live in and what character would you like to accompany you? 

Parks&Recreation.I would love to work for the Parks department and to have that amazing co-workers.And Ben “Human Disaster” Wyatt.YES.

5.Top 5 songs that will make the soundtrack of your life

Sunburn by Muse.Hardest of Hearts by Florence and the Machine.X&Y by Coldplay.A wolf at the door by Radiohead.Heart’s a mess by Gotye.

6.What is the noise that makes you cringe?

A door creaking.

7.What’s your favourite word?

Fuck.I’m always cursing.Or the spanish “mamarracho” LOL

8.You wake up and the first thing you see is your OTP. How do you react and what do you tell them?

I will hug them and I would say something like: JSDDWBFNRNR Mah bbs,you are so precious I love you so much please stay together forever and make beautiful babies HAHJSKASDLFRTT

9.What 3 things annoy you the most?

People being late,children being loud and that people who treat you like they know you when you actually know them for 5 minutes.

10.Attending a concert of your favourite singer/band or the premier of your favourite actor

My favourite band concert.Live music is my drug.

11.A haunted house with ghosts/monsters with your favourite food, a house full of cats with all the dvds of your favourite tv show or a house   full of bugs with your favourite OTP/Character in it. CHOOSE ONE

Full of cats with all the dvds of my favourite tv show.I would say full of bugs with my OTP/fav character in it,but if bugs includes cockroachs, I’m out.














1.What’s your favorite colour ?

2.What are you doing right now ?

3.Favourite film?

4.Historical figures that you admire?

5.Favorite TV show?

6.If you could meet a fictional character who would it be?

7.What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

8.Weird habits?

9.What’s your ringtone?

10.Favourite singer/band?

11.What’s your favourite word?