amarie treadeau

Amma had left me a message, like the ones I left for Lena.
Two across. As in, to be or not to be.
Four down. As in, the opposite of evil.
Five down. As in, the victim of a sledding injury, from an Edith Wharton novel.
Ten across. As in, an expression of joy.
—  Beautiful Redemption
Beautiful Redemption

I cannot even fathom how much I liked Lena’s point of view more. She wasn’t my favorite in Beautiful Darkness, and she was alright in Beautiful Chaos but she really redeemed herself in this one. See what I did there? ;)  I actually wish that the whole series had both of their point of views with some of Link’s point of view thrown in there too. I hope Dangerous Creatures have both Link’s and Ridley’s point of views, mostly Link though because he’s my favorite. The book felt super slow in the beginning. I was actually bummed that this book is shorter than Beautiful Chaos but as I read it, I kept thinking that they could’ve made it even shorter! For the whole Part 1 of the book, I only looked forward to the times when Ethan would be with Lena, and that only happened like twice! 

Then Ethan meets up with Obidias around page 100 and that’s when things finally get interesting and the pacing of the book fastens. It’s weird that Obidias wrote the Caster Chronicles, and yet he’s hardly mentioned. If you think about it, he’s kind of our main antagonist in the whole series. He wrote everything that happened. Or so, until Angelus came into the picture. Either way, it was Obidias all along. Then there’s Aunt Prue and she is such a cool lady. I loved her. So much sass even in death! Then we’ve got Xavier and I love him. He reminded me so much of Dobby from HP. I thought it was interesting how there’s a Book of Stars as well. Then Abraham and Hunter dies and it’s like, Finally! Man! It took forever! John and Liv are so cute. They’re that kind of couple you want to be in even though they don’t get that many scenes in this book, I just love their relationship. I crave that kind of relationship. Rid and Link. OMG!! Link truly is the funniest guy in this series. That thing about the handcuffs made me LOL!!! I really can’t wait for Dangerous Creatures because I need more Link in my life. Link and Rid’s bickering are so hilarious, I love it! Ethan then finally enters the Far Keep and runs into Sarafine. That’s when I started to get a bit confused. What happened to Sarafine? And she dies for Ethan? Why would she do such a thing? It was so unlike her is all. Ethan fights Angelus and you know who was going to win but I didn’t expect Xavier to come back. See, it’s so “Dobby” of him to do so. Then Ethan goes back to the real world but Amma dies.

AMMA DIES!!!!! I don’t know how to feel about it. She’s known about her death before Ethan even died himself. Ethan died so the order of things can be normal, but why did Amma have to die? In my opinion, she did it to keep balance. Ethan came back to life but Amma had to trade her life for him. Something like that. I thought I was going to bawl my eyes out but I didn’t cry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but it didn’t make me cry. I felt very upset but I don’t know. I feel like I should’ve seen it coming since Ethan thought of talking to the other side through crossword puzzles. But really, out of all the people that can die, why Amma?! It could’ve been Ethan’s dad or even Ridley! It’s like Ethan lost two mothers! 

Anyway, I liked the book but not as much as I thought I would. I loved the first book and loved how the story progressed. But this one just fell short for me. It started slow, but then got faster, then Amma dies, and then it all ends and I don’t know how to feel about it. They really could’ve cut down about 100 pages. Had they done that, I probably would’ve loved it. It wrapped up nicely but the journey to wrapping up was my problem. I’m really confused whether I should give it a 3 or 4 stars on goodreads. I keep re-rating it. Damn goodreads and their no half ratings. I did shed a tear, literally, when it ended. I don’t know if it was my regular morning tears or what, but I believe it was because it’s over. I do like the series despite this last book and I will certainly reread this series one day. 


Amarie (Amma) Treadeau.

“She was barely five feet tall and probably even older than the Dragon-ware, through every birthday she insisted she was turning fifty-three. She was anything but a mild-mannered old lady. She was the absolute authority in my house” 

When I think of Amma, I think of a church lady who also happens to keep salt on the window sills. Shes stern, ridiculously smart, and apparently an excellent cook. I think shes an amazing character and I’d sure as hell love to try some of her pies…

The outfit:Picking what I wanted Amma to wear wasn’t hard at all.  Earth tones and a spoon was all I could think. And I manged to have a dress from the 50’s that I thought fit prefect.. 

Dress: Aunties dress from the 50’s Shoes: DSW Accessories: Spoon, Bed Bath and Beyond, the pencil is from somewhere in my house and I made the little salt bag.

The makeup look:  I wanted her makeup to be warm but still dark…I used gold/brown, gold/green eye shadows as an all over look. And kept my face makeup warm as well. I put my hair up in a top bun, figuring that Amma doesn’t really care or have the time to mess around with fussy hair.

Revlon, Nearly Naked foundation. I used shades from a cheap palette, Covergirl Lash Blast Fushion, and Covergirl Nature luxe mascara. Physicians formula Shimmer strips eyeliner in Hazel eyes (the brown)

I hope you guys enjoy! I had a ton of fun shooting this!

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