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Youve probably been asked this a million times- but what are some good places to buy fatkinis from? Xokattors

I purchased mine at Forever 21+ - They are sold out the website again so you might check your local store t see if they still have them. I’ve also seen them listed on Ebay NWT for $40+ dollars

Walmart - They have Fatkini’s on clearance for $25 right now

Lane Bryant - Has some cute bikini’s this year $100 for both pieces

Nakimuli  Has some really sexy mesh sided fatkini’s $120-$140 for both pieces

Asos Curve - A few options at reasonable prices $60 for both pieces

Swimsuit for all - Still has the solid fatkini’s from the Gabi Fresh collection -$68 for both pieces

Simplybe - $65-$100 for both pieces

Black Cat Bikinis $115 and up for both pieces

MonifC - $140 and up

Rue107 -from $70 for both pieces

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Midousaka and cooking ~

I am sorry for taking so long! I hope that you will like it :s And thank you!

At first Midousuji was bad in the kitchen, very bad at cooking, but he tried because his mother was in the hospital, his father was gone in a trip that he didn´t know  how long it would last nor he knew if his father would bring someone that would help his mother (Though… he had the hope of his father finding such a miracle worker, thinking otherwise made him feel as if a hand was squeezing his heart mercilessly, after all) and his aunt was busy with his baby cousin Yuki.

Soon, after countless evenings alone and disasters that he was quick on cleaning, he started getting better, little by little the food tasted just like his mother´s cooking. (His aunt said so and it must be true, she had never lied to him before and in a bonus,  she had assured him that his father would say the same, that night he went to bed with a smile stretching his lips, adorning his face until he fell asleep)

Midousuji always thought of cooking as a necessity, an important skill to survive but when he brought a bento to his weak mother in the hospital, he realized the joy of watching a beloved person tasting his work. (The surprise that he saw on her mother´s face along with the delight was such an impression, even bigger than the expression of his aunt)

Then Midousuji tried on baking, he didn´t like sweets but his mother loved them. He had baked cupcakes, a cake, several things that he could put icing on, making a tasty rainbow.

The nurses and his mother had loved the cupcakes while their compliments washed away the taunts of the bullies, erased the hurt that he felt through the school day (Carrying the box in his bike was such a feat that someone should give him an award but then again, for his mother he would do anything)

Cooking was something that he started to do with a smile. But when his father came back with bad news and the passing of his mother, the food that he made became tasteless and it was like ashes in his mouth.

And yet, he continued with the chore because his father needed to see that he was moving forward, even if he could see the pain on his father´s face when he glanced at the kitchen and saw Midousuji instead of his lovely wife. (Besides his father was horrible at cooking)

Years passed and while the food looked like it belonged to a restaurant when he put his heart on it (For his father, for his aunt and for his cousin) the smile didn´t return.

Until, the texts began. No replying to Onoda´s texts became a blasphemy. He didn´t dare to leave one unanswered. Midousuji yearned for each. With the gross words and the warmth and joy that seemed to carry

And when they started going out, after a wonderful (tiring) first date in Akiba, Midousuji treated Onoda with something special.

A picnic (He was romantic at heart. Gross) all food  made by him and Onoda was shaking and stuttering with excitement, the smile remined him of his mother´s while taking the first bite, but Onoda´s was more special because it returned the happiness to him.

It made his food heavenly once again.

Because an angel had smiled upon him and it.

Midousuji enjoyed cooking but when cooking with another (Onoda kept making a mess of himself, he didn´t know how that stain reached the ceiling) was even more fun.

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I'm having a dress made with fabric that has lovely little cameos of cats with crowns on them. It's pink and white and in the sweet category for sure , my question is would plain white tights or flesh tights with black cats as the bottom half ( they're a really popular design now I'm sure you've probably seen them) a better choice ? I don't want to come off as tacky but I am basing the coord around cats and tiny crowns. The design has enough black in it to support black tights but I'm worried

I would just go with white. I think the cat tights are usually a bit hard to pull off with Lolita because often the cat doesn’t really show until mid-thigh so you’re probably not going to see it anyway. Alternatively you could maybe do either black or white lace tights. They would probably look really pretty with the cameos.

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i WAS SENT HERE can I have some sansan fic recs? <3

ahhh! who sent you?!!? lol. but I can definitely help with fic recs. 

Serpentine by leighofoldstones is my absolute favorite! It starts out when Sandor finds Sansa on her way to the godswood and goes off from there. it’s fantastic and I rec it to everybody.

Beyond the Ice & Fire: How Fragile is the Heart is a very well done Blackwater AU. This is the fic that really got me to fanatically ship Sansan. if you’re looking for lemons you’ll wait a while for it but it is totally worth it. their relationship grows in a really great series of ways and the UST is to die for.

Release on Horseback is just… just read it. trust me.

im not on my computer right now and I have the bulk of them saved on there so with your permission I will be spamming your ask box later with more recs. definitely read the ones I listed though because they are fantastic and report back to me so we can fangirl properly. :)

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I remember you posting a little while ago that next time you got your hair done you were gonna do more purple ? Did that happen already and I missed the selfies or is it yet to come ? I'm excited to see it OTL

Oh! Well my hair looks like this rn

My mom wants me to get a weave next cause it’ll be easier on my hair so thats most likely gonna be long and either ombre with grey or pink haven’t decided yet and it depends on the hair I find as well.~ 


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  1. What is your favorite thing to do besides go on tumblr? I likdoing various things to research for my stories and writing. I do a lot of research and I also do fun things, like go on Polyvore and design wardrobes for the characters, I make menus for them, and various other things to help me understand my characters better.
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  3. Feminist? I am!
  4. Cats, dogs or other? Dogs, I have four. Roux, Bella, Gilbert, and Walley.
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  6.  Favorite movie? Gone With the Wind
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  8. If you had to be the main character in any tv show/ anime, which tv show/ anime would you choose? Any Ghibli film. Maybe Cat Returns or Spirited Away.
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  10. Farthest away place you’ve visited? New York
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