A gift for @amaresempra but also a submission for Otayuri Week Day 4. I think it encompasses all the themes which were Domestic and Long Distance. Takes place in the future, both Yuri and Otabek are adults dealing with the future of their relationship during New Years.

(Warning! NSFW)

Yuri came home to his small flat, shivering with the cold. He sneezed and rubbed his hands together. He lit the fire and set a kettle to boil on the stove. He shrugged out of his heavy coat and hung it by the door. His mailbox was overstuffed. Full of presents and cards from friends and family. Of course, his grandfather had sent her several boxes and Christmas letters. Yuuri and Viktor had sent him a card and a gift. There was a box full of homemade cookies that said they were sent from Makkachin.

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amaresempra  asked:

Youve probably been asked this a million times- but what are some good places to buy fatkinis from? Xokattors

I purchased mine at Forever 21+ - They are sold out the website again so you might check your local store t see if they still have them. I’ve also seen them listed on Ebay NWT for $40+ dollars

Walmart - They have Fatkini’s on clearance for $25 right now

Lane Bryant - Has some cute bikini’s this year $100 for both pieces

Nakimuli  Has some really sexy mesh sided fatkini’s $120-$140 for both pieces

Asos Curve - A few options at reasonable prices $60 for both pieces

Swimsuit for all - Still has the solid fatkini’s from the Gabi Fresh collection -$68 for both pieces

Simplybe - $65-$100 for both pieces

Black Cat Bikinis $115 and up for both pieces

MonifC - $140 and up

Rue107 -from $70 for both pieces

amaresempra  asked:

i'm a hardcore amorra shipper and I totally respect your opinions ! You bring up very valid points about the ship :] Most people who are on the s.s. amorra are mature enough to accept the obvious criticisms of it ! :D

Eee, I’m glad! I know shipping’s important to a lot of people (me included) so I was afraid of offending people. That’s the last thing I want to do. :x But if I did offend anyone, no one’s come to me about it so that’s a good thing! <3