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The world sure liked to keep him busy nowadays, but Hubert didn’t mind. He enjoyed being useful, in fact he thrived being able to do something of importance. On the surface though, he looked like the same stern-faced boy. It wasn’t often he’d ease on the walls surrounding him willingly, but it was however not so challenging for someone to jolt them down if they knew how to push his buttons.

Today was almost too warm for comfort. Hubert had previously paid a visit to Fendel in business, and the place was known to be rather cold. He had almost gotten used to it before returning to Strahta, the contrast now causing him to sweat in the blazing sun. He would re-adapt eventually though, there was no need or time for complaints and he would recover either way.

Hubert was just making his reappearance in the home of his adoptive father, leaving him with some work before heading out once more. Although he had only just arrived, the air around him and the other man was still strained, and Hubert didn’t wish to deal with the tension.

Out and about in the smoldering streets now, back straight and walk graceful, the lieutenant set his sights past the residential areas and marketplaces, towards his scheduled meeting with the president. A drop of water distracted him though, and his pace slowed down as he turned his head to watch the beautiful work of a fountain at his side. While his attention had broken, he didn’t see the person heading his way though, and the both of them collided almost head-on. Hubert’s feet shuffled, he fell forward from the shoulder bump and almost hit the ground. His calm demeanor vanished in an instant but his polished manners were intact.

“Would you please watch where you’re going?”

Even though it had been his fault for not paying attention…

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Alright, so occasionally Lloyd didn’t pay too much attention to where he was going. He could already imagine the Professor nagging him about it, all “Pay attention to your surroundings, Lloyd!” Although that really sounded more like Kratos…

But still, today was just a special case. It was finally sunny in Meltokio after days of rain, and since he really hated flying Rheiards in the rain (it messed around with the engines too much because of something about rain and Volt and yada yada he never paid too much attention to details like that), he’d been stuck in the city for a while. Not that he minded, but it was boring being cooped up inside for days on end.

So naturally, the first chance he got he was outside taking his sweet time walking around the city and basking in the sunlight and fresh air. Well. Sorta fresh. It was Meltokio after all.

But the point was that he’d been so absorbed in his walk that he’d failed to notice a bunch of people come up and cluster loosely around him. Lloyd could tell with a quick glance that they weren’t enemies, although he couldn’t see some of their faces, which made everything more awkward. At a loss about what to do, he rubbed his neck sheepishly and grinned.

“Uh, yo, everybody! Sorry to walk in on you just now. I was kinda distracted.”

And in this situation, it would probably be better to introduce himself first. Hehe.

“Anyways, I’m Lloyd, nice to meet you!”