Beyond Thedas

Few details are available concerning the lands that lie beyond the boundaries of Thedas.

  • Beyond the Korcari Wilds and Arbor Wilds to the south there is a frozen wasteland called the Sunless Lands that only the Chasind Wilders have explored.
  • There is land to the west of Thedas, although the Hunterhorn Mountains inhibit travel, as do the jungles of the Donarks in the northwest. The Tevinter call these lands the ‘Viridis’ - “The Green”, and have rumors of wingless dragons and flying chimeras inhabiting the jungles.
  • Before the Third Blight, the Ander city of Laysh traded with ships that came across the Volca Sea. The travelers, named 'Voshai’, had an excessive interest in Lyrium. Expeditions to reach the homeland of the Voshai have so far failed. In recent times, however, rumors have risen that the Voshai ships have returned, bringing with them tales of a 'cataclysm’ that devastated their home.
  • Leliana mentions that as of 9:41 Dragon, the Hero of Ferelden is traveling deep into the west to lands that have supposedly never known a Blight.
  • There are numerous islands in the Boeric Ocean. Some are havens for pirates, others are colonies of Tevinter or the Qunari, but others have indigenous populations. The most famous of these is the near-mythical Par Ladi. The Parladians are rumored to have the best coastal defenses in Thedas, practice arts similar to the Rivaini seeresses and to be bedecked in gold and jewels.
  • The Qunari originate from a land far to the east, beyond the Northern Ocean.
  • The Executors claim to act “on behalf of powers across the sea”, presumably entities which reside in lands beyond the Amaranthine and Boeric Oceans.
  • The land beyond the Amaranthine Ocean is referred in myths as the 'Amaranth’. Amaranth is said to be devoid of any sentient species and all Thedosian attempt of colonization have failed. Legends tell that later expeditions found former settlements empty and that the only survivor was driven mad by something and killed himself a short time after being discovered.


  • Thedas has two moons, the secondary moon being named Satina (from whence the holiday of Satinalia gets its name).
  • According to David Gaider, there is no individual name for the planet where Thedas exists, as most Thedosians consider Thedas “the entire world”.
  • Time-telling in Thedas is an inexact science. Dwarven clocks are thus uncommon but notable.


  • The name was originally an acronym used on the BioWare Dragon Age forums. It stands for “THE” “D"ragon ”A“ge ”S“etting.

Like a sign
Like a dream
You’re my amaranthine
You are all I needed, believe me
Like we drift in a stream
Your beauty serene
There’s nothing else
in life I ever need
My dream, amaranthine

Amaranthe - Amaranthine


i am a terrible perfectionist so i have spent all evening working out distances and travel times in thedas

(above map is super big & hd so click here to zoom)

one box = 35 miles

35 miles ON AVERAGE, in fair conditions/flat ground =

  • 2 days walking
  • 1 day on horseback
  • ¾ day in a carriage
  • ½ day by ship (or less)

reasoning & mathsy bits under the cut

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