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You're Not Alone
Nobuo Uematsu
You're Not Alone

Zidane: “Hope lies shattered down
Like a broken glass on the ground
Who I thought I was
After all was just a lie
How can I go on
How can someone love me at all?
I’m a monster so
Like  a monster I’ll die alone
Eiko: “We’re here just for you!
Vivi: “Thanks to you I became strong too!
Zidane: “Just stop following me!
It’s nothing you could understand!
Eiko: “So, try to explain?
Zidane: “All the time spent would be just vain
You brats just stay here!
I don’t need you all anymore!

Freya: “You are not alone
So tell me, what you think you’ll do?
Trust us, we will help you!”
Amarant: “What a hypocrite
Talking about friendship when you’re the first who discards it
Steiner: “Many things have changed, from enemies we’re now friends
Let me give you a hand!
Quina: “I sure you be fine!
You have your buddies by your side
Freya, Amarant, Eiko, Vivi, Quina, Steiner: “We’ll never let you go!” 

Zidane: “Why you– …I can take care of it for myself.”
Freya: “Zidane? …Zidane, come back!”
Eiko: “Zidane, wait up!”
Vivi: “You need a rest Zidane!”
Quina: “Zidane, you no can leave us! I still want you take me place have lots good food!”
Steiner: “And I have not yet concluded whether or not you are the right man for Her Highness, mind you!”
Zidane: “Just… leave me alone. I don’t want to trouble you anymore.” 

Zidane: “Why can’t you accept
I’m a danger, I won’t go back
We used to be friends
But those times are over from now
You are just a bunch of babysittin’ bastards but
I know deep inside
The worst bastard here is me

Dagger: ”You are not alone
Listen to my voice, just don’t go
I’m here to protect you
Zidane: "Dagger let me be!
Dagger: “Listen to me! I will not give up
Accept my little strength
You always watched over
You always protected us
You risked so many times
So now, just for once let us save you from all your doubts
I’ll never let you go.”

random ff9 characters headcanons

  • zidane is able to talk fluently in many languages - the ones he’s better at are european languages, especially french, italian and spanish
  • while travelling, dagger discovered that she loves strong tastes - especially spicy stuff
  • quan and vivi often went fishing together
  • steiner really, really wants to have kids. even with his grumpy attitude, he’s really good at dealing with them
  • freya has a beautiful voice, but can’t sing for shit
  • quina is like a granma when she cooks for you. it doesnt matter how many times you say you’re full, she will make you eat
  • eiko eventually got the lindblum castle full of moogles
  • amarant had something for freya at one point, but eventually forgot about it once flatrey came back
  • quan and quale used to be together - quina and vivi can actually be considered “sibilings” in some way
  • ruby and zidane used to be a couple. it didn’t last long, but it was enough for blank to get jealous (wink wonk)
  • not to mention that everyone in the tantalus shipped ruby and blank at some point
  • cid and hilda got another kid after a while
  • mikoto and vivi got quite close with time
  • kuja was actually a really famous actor in many plays in treno