Olho as minhas memórias, aquelas fotos que eu não guardo em retratos mas sim na minha cabeça, e vejo que há fotos tremidas, fotos escuras e fotos molhadas, talvez o problema não seja na máquina memorigráfica, mas sim no fotografo que capturou as fotos enquanto se emocionava e na hora de revela-las chorou sobre elas de saudade.
—  Leandro, Memórias in mecânica.

gulaghar asked:

OC fact for you: My character Sakura wants a big family. You'd think she'd be satisfied now that she's soon to give birth to her sixth and seventh child, but I get the feeling this won't be the end...

My OC Amao wants a big family too. He has no children of his own but he has a two nephews and a niece who he spoils to death. Neighborhood children flock to him as well. He loves kids but just has no time focus on having any of his own. He’d be a horrible husband unless the wife was ok with a man who was barely there or gets obsessed with his work XD;

thekurohime asked:

The oc thing: My Oc, Boscoe, likes to wear those obnoxiously bright,gooey,blue lipsticks and immediately run to his datemate and kiss them right on their forehead just to mess with them

Ahaha! Cute! 

My Oc, Amao will jump on the bed to make you bounce off, chase you around or roll over you, grab you, and continue rolling around on the floor with you in his arms XD. He also enjoys teasing people with his tail until they start swatting at like an annoyed cat or something. 
He’s a very annoying big brother type. No escape from the Amao

In the Jungle
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  • In the Jungle

A few days ago I posted on the artist G.E.N.E. and said some of their albums were made by a guy named Suppi Huhn so I decided to track down some others of his works and found “In the Jungle” which was made under his name “Amao”. The album used many of the same sounds and moods I heard on his G.E.N.E. albums but with more upbeat and (sometime) jazzy style. This title track has a true “jungle” vibe with animal sounds even.