Hey guys, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. This is my Christmas follow list/follow forever thing. I know at the moment my url is merryvoldemort, but you probably know me as billfleurs (or Emily) so yeah that’s me. So here you go. 

billfleurs christmas follow forever:

Special Mentions aka People I Love or The ____ to my ____ :

amanwhoneverwould (Lina) The Bill to my Fleur

stars-i-cant-fathom (Lucas) The Augustus to my Hazel

samanthafelton (Sami) The Draco to my Hermione + The Maka to my Soul

zabini (Cas)

filthylittlemudbloods (Clarissa)

notafraidtobemyself (Emily) The George to my Fred

marajesty (Luccas) The Gazzy to my Iggy

angelbing (Angel)

filthy-pureblood (Ella)

ladybranson (Lucy)

youll-take-someones-eye-out (Jeshka) The Dean to my Seamus

katrissed (Bea)

agency-love (Aimee/My Sister) The Tris to my Christina

mrs-potter (Chloe) The Liesel to my Rudy

theunbecomingofnoahshaw (Kayla & Nichole) The Noah to my Mara

arinaca (Ari/Fiona)

ministryofsnowflakes (Trina) /yes i’m aware I left Trina out before because I don’t even know what happened but she is super incredible too and holy shit I feel so bad, TRINA LET ME LOVE YOU.

+ All the other people I stalk regularly because they’re perf but I’m too awkward and shy to make friends with such flawless people:

abcd: armsoftheocean, diarycrux, bex-chan, anondracomalfoy, dramionefanfiction, colincreeveyscamera, beatriceandfour, beccatobing,
efgh: evertexstatum, headfortheburrows, gum-would-be-perfection, elijahwoods,
ijkl: lanoshea, i-am-lord-trolldemort, lustgood, ice-ridden,
mnop: psychadelias, ohdear-prongs, padfut, mondler-forever, princesconsuela, mynameisfour,
qrst:resonanceofsouls, soma-eater, sirmordred, saoirseronandaily, seekingpeetasheart, teacupinastorm, robinblake,uvwxyz:wrencr
and let us not forget +blogroll 
I know I forgot people, url changes confuse me and I’m too forgetful to remember all of you because I suck but if we’ve ever talked or if you follow me or if I follow you or something, I love you. I love you all on tumblr. Every single one of you. Merry Christmas to you all & If the world does end, it was a pleasure blogging with you.