Hey guys, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. This is my Christmas follow list/follow forever thing. I know at the moment my url is merryvoldemort, but you probably know me as billfleurs (or Emily) so yeah that’s me. So here you go. 

billfleurs christmas follow forever:

Special Mentions aka People I Love or The ____ to my ____ :

amanwhoneverwould (Lina) The Bill to my Fleur

stars-i-cant-fathom (Lucas) The Augustus to my Hazel

samanthafelton (Sami) The Draco to my Hermione + The Maka to my Soul

zabini (Cas)

filthylittlemudbloods (Clarissa)

notafraidtobemyself (Emily) The George to my Fred

marajesty (Luccas) The Gazzy to my Iggy

angelbing (Angel)

filthy-pureblood (Ella)

ladybranson (Lucy)

youll-take-someones-eye-out (Jeshka) The Dean to my Seamus

katrissed (Bea)

agency-love (Aimee/My Sister) The Tris to my Christina

mrs-potter (Chloe) The Liesel to my Rudy

theunbecomingofnoahshaw (Kayla & Nichole) The Noah to my Mara

arinaca (Ari/Fiona)

ministryofsnowflakes (Trina) /yes i’m aware I left Trina out before because I don’t even know what happened but she is super incredible too and holy shit I feel so bad, TRINA LET ME LOVE YOU.

+ All the other people I stalk regularly because they’re perf but I’m too awkward and shy to make friends with such flawless people:

abcd: armsoftheocean, diarycrux, bex-chan, anondracomalfoy, dramionefanfiction, colincreeveyscamera, beatriceandfour, beccatobing,
efgh: evertexstatum, headfortheburrows, gum-would-be-perfection, elijahwoods,
ijkl: lanoshea, i-am-lord-trolldemort, lustgood, ice-ridden,
mnop: psychadelias, ohdear-prongs, padfut, mondler-forever, princesconsuela, mynameisfour,
qrst: resonanceofsouls, soma-eater, sirmordred, saoirseronandaily, seekingpeetasheart, teacupinastorm, robinblake, uvwxyz: wrencr
and let us not forget +blogroll 
I know I forgot people, url changes confuse me and I’m too forgetful to remember all of you because I suck but if we’ve ever talked or if you follow me or if I follow you or something, I love you. I love you all on tumblr. Every single one of you. Merry Christmas to you all & If the world does end, it was a pleasure blogging with you. 

anonymous asked:

hi, could you recommend some good 1d/mainly 1d blogs that post a lot of liam? :)

Well hello there :) all of these blogs post a lot of Liam plus I love them all so you should follow them too! twokidneys-stillnospoons, needsmoresarcasm, amanwhoneverwould, wankinghand, liampaynes, teninchnewyear, fallenforpayne, and liloing  

And that’s all I can think of right now.

amanwhoneverwould replied to your post10 MINUTES REMAINING FOR MERLIN S4 YAYAYAYAYAY

this is the best post i have ever seen my fav shows literally, i’m proud of you <333

AWH YAY :’D i actually downloaded the first season of doctor who a long time ago but then i watched the first two episodes and i was like wtf bc i didnt like it and being the idiot that i am, i deleted it and now i see all these posts about doctor who and pretty graphics and gifs and im just like -________- now i have to download it all over again soBS

Happy 18th Birthday Lina



Okay, seriously though, so 18 years of the world being less sucky because you exist. That’s pretty great. It’s a pretty awesome reason to celebrate because you exist and that’s amazing because you are just so brilliant.

I just thought i’d let you know that you are one of my most favourite people to ever have existed. 

I’m so super duper lucky to have met you on this lovely website because you have changed my life. For the better, of course. You’re just so incredibly sweet, you’re like the nicest person to ever exist, and you’re so adorable and funny and just so amazing to talk to and I can’t show you how much your friendship actually does mean to me.

You’re the greatest, Lina. You really are. 

And I still remember how I was upset one day and you just sent me so many messages being so lovely to me and I remember when you so adorably fangirled over me following you and I didn’t realize how much you would change my life and effect me when we first started talking and God, it’s been so long since then and I just can’t imagine what it’d be like if I didn’t have you. 

Thankyou for existing, I hope you have/had an absolutely amazing day because you so deserve it. 

I love you, dear, I really do. 

Love, Emily. 

P.S Don’t mind the super crappy edit, I had one that I really liked, but then photoshop quit and I lost it and oh it was so annoying ugh but yeah. 

P.P.S Emilina is canon. 


lirold asked:

A M A N W H O N E V E R W O U L D (lots of repeated letters but w/E have my name too because i) L I N A

A: Why my last relationship ended: what relationship??

M: Virgin or not?: Virgin.

N: Favourite place to shop at?: Forever 21 :) 

W: Concerts I’ve been to: OneRepublic concert and One Direction concert :)

H: Do I smoke/drink?: Nope.

O: My eye colour: Hazel.

damn lina u have a long url

E: My best friend: Probably Nicole or Robin :)

V: Last time I cried: September 1st, Doctor Who episode. damn amy x rory in that episode asdkgDGDJDF

R: Favourite song at the moment: Probably Fix You by Coldplay, I’ve loved that song for soo long, or Come Home by OneRepublic which I’ve loved for a long time as well :)

U: Where I want to be right now: LONDON

L: One of my insecurities: Uh, I’m too skinny.. people think I’m anorexic.

D: Hardest thing I’ve ever been through: My best friend’s death.

okay phew

L: already done :)

I: Have any tattoos or piercings?: I only have two piercings, one on each ear lobe. 

N: already done

A: already done


lirold asked:

blue, english, game

lina hi bby

um, I listen to sweet dreams by the eurythmics but if I want something slower i’ll listen to the version from sucker punch. 

I speak one and snippets of Japanese and Italian but i’m only fluent in English woopsie. 

The last board game I played was Monopoly with my two younger cousins… they beat me.