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Hello, I just want to ask you about some facts about Shouta's relationship with his sempai & kouhai! :D (Since I heard Shouta call many of his sempai "nii" which I find very kawaii~, so I want to know more~)

@conanchoding Hello  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 

Yes of course! He does call a number of them “Nii” which is very adorable XD He has a sister who is 10 years older than him, so he’s always been a little brother XD

Shoutan definitely gives off that vibe which makes his senpais want to baby him  (*/ω\*) 

This is very long, be prepared XD


Miyano Mamoru

You can definitely feel the big brother/little brother vibe from these two! Shoutan call’s Mamo “Mamo anii” and Mamo also said he was a cute little brother before~

They haven’t had that much events together, but you can tell Shoutan gets pretty nervous around Mamo every time. While Mamo on the other hand teases him whenever he gets a chance!

Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Shoutan calls Tatsun, “Tatsu-nii” and it’s absolutely adorable! (≧∇≦)
Tatsun definitely baby Shoutan a lot and looks out for him.
In Utapri 4th Stage he went and got water for Shoutan to drink and even opened the bottle for him (while Maeno and Moribuko’s like, “why did you open it??”)

And in 5th Stage, they mentioned that the two of them some times role plays as Ranmaru and Ai-chan on LINE. Shoutan mentioned, “because it’s Tatsu-nii I get a little nervous” and after answering like Ai-chan, he’ll write “I’m sorry” at the end, and Tatsun would reply “Shouta kawaii” (/∇\*)。o○♡


Shoutan and KENN seems to be getting a little closer, he calls him “KENN anii” or “KENN nii” as well.

In today’s Maji Kyun LINE LIVE Event 09/04, although Shoutan wasn’t present he mentioned him (can’t remember what he said about him) 
KENN: “… Aoi”
OnoYu: “Aoi? Aoi Shouta?” (KENN’s character is also Aoi)
KENN: “Yeah, Shouta”

One of the mail they had today asked “What character would they like to be close with?” KENN chose Shoutan’s character, Monet  (´∇ `人)

Asanuma Shintaro

I don’t think these two are close, they’ve both been in Daiya No Ace and Exit Tunes Presents ACTORS series.

But last year Asanuma-san got this jacket for Shoutan’s birthday!

Ookawa Genki

They’ve both worked together in Stage Play before so they’ve known each other for a while.

In last year’s Rejet Fes “Rejet27″, there was a part where MARGINAL4 and Unicorn Jr. members had to answer questions. If Lagrange Point members liked their answers they’d get a sweet/snack.

Genki noticed Shoutan was being very quiet so he asked if he had an answer. Genki seemed to REALLY liked his answer and asked the staff to give him all the sweets! XD
Shoutan: “YATTA!!!”
Everyone else: “You’re spoiling him too much!! Too much!!” “Genki-kun and Aoi-kun seems to get along”

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OMG I can’t believe Amano-kun’s honshin slipped out at the end! What a great cliffhanger! He’s totally going to mess this up next week, but I don’t even care. This episode was worth every second. (And the epic misunderstanding build-up rocks too!) 

I’m rooting for you, Tendou-san! Don’t give up on this baka of a boy!


“I was able to visit the opening(of the movie). Thank you to all of you who respected the original works while creating a work only possible by film, Director Amano, the staff, the cast, the audience, and production side. Although the comics is my creation, the movie is a work of various people in a good way, so it may not be proper to express my appreciation.”

Sensei’s comments on twitter 31 May 2014

As a freakish Yoneda Fan, today was a big day for two reasons. Saezuru Chapter 12 (Ihr HertZ July Issue) is out after a long break, and Doushitemo Movie opening with a special viewing with actor’s greetings. 

Long story short, I chose to get the magazine first, so couldn’t make the special viewing, but I had time to do the post on Saezuru, so that was okay. But it’s a memorable day for Doushitemo Furetakunai, the first commercial manga by Yoneda Sensei, and the most successful one. I’m posting this to pay respect for her and the movie, from various twitter posts and a live broadcast by Nico-nico Douga.

I’m still looking forward to the movie, and some details about the movie continues after the cut.

*since some one asked: the women in all of the pic is the director of the film, Amano Chihiro. she looks different in the first pic so it may be confusing*

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