amandla stenberg rp

( favorite characters ) —  the proud black girl.

she knows her worth as a woman and believes in equality. she hates the saying ‘you’re pretty for a black girl’ and doesn’t hesitate to put someone in their place if they are making racial remarks or being disrespectful because of her skin color/her birth name. she’s strong and confident in herself regardless of how much society tries to tear her down and make her feel less than. she respects those who deserve it and think it’s important for black people to build each other up. she dislikes the ‘light skin vs. dark skin’ bullsh*t and will definitely school you on black history if you pull that card with her. she does what she knows best, and that’s to be black and proud. carefree and very intelligent, you’re bound to catch this girl at the library, protesting, uplifting the black community, or simply just enjoying life. 

Emery Meering l FC: Amandla Stenberg l Brighton Academy Freshman l Open

Before she went to Brighton, Emery didn’t go to school. Her parents are homophobes and also very strict, so they didn’t want her to leave the house. So she had to teach herself things in private, which was surprisingly a lot given the circumstances. If her parents ever found out about her knowing how to be independent, they would ship her off somewhere. Growing up, she was always very lonely because of this, and she never had many companions. Except her neighbor, who she would always sneak out of her house to play with. Emery was perfectly content living like this, until her neighbor moved away. She was devastated, and started hating her parents more and more. The letter to Brighton was a gift to her, and she couldn’t be more thrilled. Finally she would get to socialize with actual people her own age. But because of her lack of social interactions in the past, she isn’t quite sure exactly how to talk to people correctly. She’s super energetic and excited to be there, which can make her seem a little overly perky. Some of the older kids find her annoying, but she tries not to be. Emery is a little socially awkward, and doesn’t quite know how to react in certain situations. But she’s sweet and always looking for new friends.