Tumblr Tuesday:

I have to add runningforme83 to the list. She’s my buddy for the Do Life challenge and has been killing her goals and has been super encouraging and is sponsoring this round of WOD4stjude- dips4stjude. Oh, and there’s this, too.

fitisnotasize  asked:

17, 3

17- The last time I laughed until I cried was this past summer at camp. I don’t remember the exact circumstances, though, but I can tell you it was in the wee hours of the morning.

3- A secret I haven’t told many people, hmmmm… When I was in 2nd grade, I had to stay in from recess to finish my work because I was probably drawing or staring out the window of something instead of working. The eraser from my pencil broke off, and I used the eraser of the girl in whose desk I was sitting. I felt so guilty like I was stealing that bit of eraser. I’ve never told anyone.