Sunglasses Shop by Kiss Miklós & Görög Ferenc Gábor

“The concept of the store interior is based on the world of mines and therefore creates the philosophy of mining the sunglasses. A playful contrast was applied in the concept. This being the contradiction of wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes from the light and mining in the dark and in an industrial environment.

Sunglasses are placed in holes created by wall elements that are originally used for wall construction and the desk is a conversion of an old mining bogie. Cabinets and industrial dazzle lamps also enforce the idea of the mining environment. Seats are specially designed for this project and were inspired by steel frames and steel structures. ”

-I think the concept is a bit too “themey” for me, but I absolutely love the use of cement blocks. They just look so cool and tough and function perfectly to house sunglasses. love it.