tumblr tuesday!

  • robindoesrunning: is there even anything i can say about the awesomeness of robin?  i’m sure i can’t do her justice.
  • chasefear: adrien is definitely the most fearless person i have ever known.  she is insanely strong and has the best advice.
  • bendoeslife: everyone knows ben is pretty awesome.  and no one knows better than he does.
  • to65: jess is amazing!  she’s the first person i ever started following and she’s always been super supportive.
  • amandasclimb: amanda is probably one of the most giving and selfless people i’ve met on here.  go support her!
  • lifedoesjed: the slightly more responsible, slightly more grown up davis brother.
  • c-skins: my future half marathon partner!
  • regainingmymoxy: totally awesome new york-ian who i will also be running in a half with later this year!
  • runwithrach: she is off being totally amazing training for an ironman and being a mom and organizing races and tons of other things.  it’s a wonder how she does it all!

all of these guys are truly amazing and inspiring. go follow them! xx

D - My most embarrassing moment

Another embarrassing moment one time I was in the movie theatre being chased by a bunch of friends, and somehow I tripped and did a front flip (a lot of moments involve flipping) and my shoe flew off. Still don’t know how that happened because both of my shoes were tied.

L - Something not many people know about me

I’ve never been in a legit relationship.

O - Favorite celeb

Oh man. Probably Chris Evans right now for doing an amazing job at portraying one of my favorite super heroes.

W - My tumblr crush

Again? Oh man.

Well I also kinda sorta most definitely have a crush on Sasha

  1. I moved 5 times by the age of 7, but my family has stayed in that house ever since.
  2. I loved to wear dresses and play with dolls, but I was a tomboy, too. I would often jump from playing My Little Ponies to Ninja Turtles.
  3. I was sensitive even as a child. If I did something wrong, my mom would just look at me and I’d cry.
  4. I was in the gifted program, but rarely made straight As. I’d usually get at least one B.
  5. When I was in 4th grade, the small company my dad co-owned went under after selling to a larger company. My dad delivered pizza (sometimes to my middle school dances), umpired softball, and refereed soccer, while my mom worked retail & substituted to make ends meet. We still qualified for free lunch (back when the standards were higher), and even got boxes of food from the holiday food drives.
  6. I took ballet for 3 years (age 8-10) and started soccer when I was 9. When 6th grade rolled around, my parents couldn’t afford both. I chose soccer.
  7. Both sides of my family lived around Atlanta, so we were able to see everyone for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s something I really miss.

my tumblr crushes!

wow, i think this is the first time in like 6 months that robin hasn’t been my top crush, haha.  but this week, all my love goes to amanda!

i highly recommend following all of these guys, they’re super inspirational and some of my favorite blogs. :)

Week 7; Sunday 3.22K

Today was supposed to be a cross training day (Spinning class) but I had such a throbbing headache earlier that I figured I’d wait and just go for a run instead.  Not a big one - I’m so tired today for some reason - but glad I got some exercise.

Fingers crossed for yoga tomorrow at 10am!

And thanks to amandasclimb, rawr4tess and turbogirl for your advice on shredding! I’ll start in the next couple of weeks :)

distance: 2 miles / 3.22K
time: 21:50
pace: 5.5 mph / 10:55
calories burned: 206

amandasclimb said:

                            Dude you got some serious talent!!!                            

Ty ty. Ive been drawing since I was like 7.

His head is a little big in my opinion but this is just a character reference, the dimensions will be fixed in the final version.


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Yay about the excess skin……Totes LOL about the ninja turtle body LOL

it’s definitely a win. I mean look at how strong/muscular/ripped they look in the shadows!

my shoulders are already pretty wide like theirs.I just need my back to widen, lose more bf to have the muscles more defined,and I’m set


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I agree! I mean obviously, its easy to appreciate how good someone looks, or to base an opinion based on whether you find them attractive or not….but you have to go further than that…there are a lot of celebs I love because they are hilarious!

Yeah exactly. I have a lot of friends who only listen to a certain person, or watch a movie/tv show because theres a certain person in it, only because that person is very attractive.

One of the things that sparked this was when I was looking at posts with “The Avengers” tag yesterday a LOT of people kept saying how Chris Evans/Hemsworth and RDJ “looked so sexy” it was coming off as if the only reason they want to see the movie is for eye candy. Why not the fact that they’re great actors and doing justice to the roles they were given?

I mean, in my eyes yeah Scarlet Johansen looks amazing, sexy, possibly every positive word you can say but I’m not seeing The Avengers because of her, I’m seeing it because I’ve been waiting 3 years for this film and every person in the film (that I know of so far) have done amazing jobs as the characters their portraying.


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I hate facebook’s new chat/message combo update

What kind of phone do you have? I downloaded the Facebook Messenger app on mine (iPhone, but there is an android version) and it comes through all the time

HTCDesire. It’s an android so I’ll look into it.

Thing is this update makes people seem like they’re online when they’re not. And before this update when this happened I’d still get notifications of a message if it got sent to my inbox. Idk why it is that it no longer does it but it hasn’t done so since the update.

amandasclimb replied to your postI smashed my hand at work.

Come on, your a super hero….use your powers to heal XD

I think the yellow sun is draining my powers, this never happens to me.

weightsnscales replied to your postI smashed my hand at work.

oh no!!! Are you ok??

I think I may have bruised something in my hand, it hurts when I stretch my hand or ball up my fist, but mainly when i move my middle finger, and somewhat my index finger. It also hurt when I moved my thumb this morning but not anymore, so I’m assuming that’s a sign of it healing.