This is one of the most personal pictures I have taken.

These are my footprints. In a city I’ve never been to. In a snowstorm. That morning I spent time crouched behind walls or under trees taking shelter from the wind. The afternoon wasn’t much better.

To be here, I’ve made the sacrifices from time from my family and friends, leaving safety and comfort.  Money was spent. Time from work taken. Fear, loneliness, rejection, loss, pain all dwell in my head and heart, just like you.

And through all of that, I STILL look at my photographs and don’t think they are near enough to what I want to accomplish. But I post them anyway in hopes that someone else can find joy in the work.



The feeling I had walking through that park, taking pictures: Pure joy. I was giddy. 

If anyone asks me “how do I get to where you are?”, I will show this picture, knowing that I was in a place of complete joy in taking it. Sure, it is a bit poetic… one step at a time and all that business. But I know what was going on in my head and heart when I took it.  

Otherwise, I certainly don’t have it figured out. I’m just dumb stubborn enough to go out into a snowstorm with my camera. And be silly enough to feel like a kid while doing it.