Work by MANDO (Amanda Marie) at SCOPE in Andeken’s booth. It’s been a great time in New York! See everyone next Armory Arts Week!
You can catch MANDO’s work at Paradigm Gallery this week for the last days of our HAHAxParadigm exhibition. Catch it before it’s gone!
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Girls never really like me.

I don’t know why. I’m really a nice person. I’ve always had a hard time finding girl friends. Thank Jebus for Christina and Megan and Jenna.

I don’t know what I do. Oh well. I can only be upset about what I CAN change and I can’t change the fact that this particular female doesn’t like me. Even though I did nothing to her.

*wipes dirt off shoulder and pimp walks away*

"Thirsty Boys" by MANDO (Amanda Marie)
Just 5 hours until the opening of our HAHAxParadigm Class of 2013-14 Reunion!
Remember to email sara(at)paradigm-gallery(dot)com for a preview catalog if you want to beat the crowds. All artwork will be live on our website after 6:00pm tonight!
Also, make sure to follow our @HAHAxParadigm Instagram - in the spirit of our projects, we have a little challenge planned for you to be announced shortly 😉
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