Just to compliment the picture of the front of the Buick, and so you don’t think I just set it up. I was standing in the cow field to get a picture of the back. This picture is even more… “rustic” when you notice the knocked over horse shed in the background.

I feel like I should mention that there are no horses in that field, so you don’t think I would let a precious pony live in a field with a knocked over shelter!

As promised, the colour version. I am not sure which one I like more.

 I’ve always wanted to try this. I took two pictures at approximately the same angle. Picture 1 was the window at the John Walter Museum. Picture 2 was Elizabeth standing on the ground in front of me. I put the two pictures together in photoshop. I stacked them as layers. I put  picture 2 on top, erased the background and then set the transparency to 10%. Elizabeth looked like she was standing outside, so I also erased the parts of her picture where the window frame is. That fixed it right up!

I took this through the dirty window in my garage. It makes the farm look very ghostly, and a little bit creepy. Actually, the only effect I used on this one was the red filter in Aperture. The original pretty much looks exactly the same, except the dirt on the windows looks like dirt, rather than creepy ghost mist.

This one was take under the High Level Bridge. I had my camera set on high speed shutter… thingy… you know, so it takes a bunch of pictures quickly… yeah, that. I thought this one was okay, I liked the lines, but once I applied the blue filter in Aperture and made it black and white the lines became much more pronounced and neat. So now I like it even more!


A few more pictures of the little bird I found. I used my 70 - 300 mm lens for this one because he wouldn’t let me close, as shifty little birds tend to do. I took RAW photos then I bumped up the contrast and sharpness in all four of the photos. More details seemed to come out when I turned down the exposure so I did that too. In the second photo I used “definition” and “details” in aperture. I think it is a bit too much. The other three are cute though. I have no idea what kind of bird it is!

Today, I learned how to light paint! …. Or what ever this thingy is called. 

So, I set my shutter speed to 6 seconds. Focused my camera on the spot I knew I would be standing. Stood in my totally dark bathroom and pointed my flashlight at the camera. Then, I wiggled it around. I had to use my remote to trigger the shutter, or I would have been running between the camera and my spot. 

In Photoshop, I tinted the whole picture pink, the best colour in the history of colours, and burned out the background. The “detect edges” feature in aperture also helped me burn it.

Holy hungry hippos and happy dances, Batman! Lux Lit reblogged my picture of flowers on the black background. And, HJS-Likes reblogged it too! Side note, I feel like I should probably name my pictures… 

Thank you Lux Lit and HJS-Likes. I am left, once again, happy dancing around my kitchen. The kitchen smells like bacon today, so it is an especially happy day. So here I am, doing as I promised I would not do too often, saying thank you again!

After taking the sunset I turned around in time to catch the shadows from the trees in the cow field. The sun set just a few seconds later, so I was lucky! I couldn’t understand why others were getting such surreal colours in their pictures before. It turns out, the exposure is a key button to play with! In Aperture, I turned down the exposure a tiny bit. I tried to make the sky bluer but ruined everything, so had to revert to the original and just move the exposure down to get the true colour back.