I got a copy of Adobe Lightroom 5 with my D800. I have been playing with it. I have to say, despite my love for Apple’s Aperture, I am sold. I will be using it with Photoshop from now on. 

My observations so far:
1. Syncing the develop settings is quick and easy, and, I can save them as presets for later. If Aperture does that, I haven’t found it. 

2. I don’t understand the technological reasons, but Lightroom does not make my laptop as hot, despite the fact that I am doing the same things. 

3. I LOVE how easy it is to switch into and out of Photoshop.

4. I like how Aperture organizes my images a bit better, but not much.

5. Now that I am using my Wacom tablet more frequently, I don’t need to rely so much on Aperture’s edge detection. 

6. It is super easy to use presets and there are some nifty ones out there. For example, the picture I attached to this. I found the preset at I gave it the ol’ re-edit and used a preset.

7. As a side note: I still have not noticed a difference in my work flow with the file sizes my D800 gives me. I shoot in RAW.  Keep in mind, my previous camera was a 24 MP camera, so the files were pretty big there too.  

**I was going to mention that I would not normally do so much to a photo, but let’s be honest here. I love editing. 

***Also, I need a water mark. Chris and I named our business ACS Studios. Hm, will have to think about that. Any ideas?