"I remember a girl when I was in the 4th grade through the 6th grade, I was just crazy about. She was just beautiful and I loved her and I wanted to be her. And then there was a girl in college who was a senior when I was a freshman that I worshipped." - Julianne Moore

Fairytales are illogical, but Sarek (and Ananda) will act like they don’t notice Sybok being a cutie big brother and reading them to Spock on calm evenings.
(Spock loves the talking animals and Sybok will fight anyone that says it’s illogical just watch)

HHHHFHHGG I’ve been away but I’M BACK so have this lil’ sweet moment for all yall’s dashes!

“After all not all the men you fall for turn out to be sociopaths”

Molly never fell for Jim they dated three times and  - 

Even if she had fallen for Jim, he’s not a sociopath - he’s a Psychopath

So that leaves one person - Mr Sherlock Holmes… He’s accepting that she’s let him go, and it’s killing him 


WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FREAKING RUDE?!?! ( Sarcasm obviously) but seriously! Opinions people! And missed Facts! Attacking intelligence for what a person believes in? Or the movie they are in Just because of their beliefs?

The Modern Vampire

- has vacuum packed bags of grave dirt under their mattresses, and in shoe insoles for crossing running water

- utilizes tempered glass, plastic, and black out shades

- owns very strong foundation, sunscreen, and has abundant skill in makeup application

- files paperwork with hospitals and donation centers in order to feed legally and safely, thus allowing for a more secure relationship with the local population

- adjusts for inflation, and always maintains multiple stock portfolios to best ensure wealth accumulation is done in the latest fashion

- carries an epi-pen in case of garlic, and sudden attacks by holy relic

- always carries a pair of tweezers if confronted with counting small things in large numbers

- maintains a polite distance from those with a less enlightened view of the Vitally Differentiated community, but strives to educate where possible

- always has a SHOUT pen for when snacking on the go becomes messy

- invests in thin body armor to cast off blows from stakes

- would do well to adopt a closed mouth smile in mixed company

- maintains a good working relationship with surrounding historical societies and writers

- understands that savagery met with more savagery is the reason that they’re forced to file paperwork, tread lightly, and blend into the human population as seamlessly as possible