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Along with the Sonny and LGBT kids think about him having Amanda there with him while he teaches self defense CAUSE she needs to check out the kids and workers but sonnys laughing and having fun until

Sonny teaching the shelter kids self defense but Amanda’s there and one of the kids blurts out for Sonny to tell the story of why he teaches them self defense (cause he volunteers there a lot and people know him) and Sonny tells the story of how when he worked at Staten Island some of his coworkers found out he had a boyfriend and harassed him at work and tried to physically assault him. Amanda never knew. she never even knew he was queer.

Wowowowowow, that’d be a crazy way for her to find out.

I think that it would definitely give her even more respect than she already possessed for Sonny, though, after hearing all of that. 

Because despite what happened to him, Sonny came out on top and even stronger in the end. And he continued to work against injustice for people who weren’t able to do it themselves, and he’s tried so hard to make the lives of these kids easier than his, even in some small way.

The Monster of Florence book is a little dry, a little too focused on the actual monster killings, which I care much less about than I care about the clusterfuck of a prosecution, its relation to Amanda Knox’s persecution and the way the particular  clusterfuck has resonance from #pizzagate to every internet conspiracy theory in existence.

This article is a pretty good summary but it still leaves out the wackier, more salacious details that I think are so important to understanding this case.  Specifically I mean, this case, singular,  since the prosecutor and expert witnesses who convicted Amanda Knox believed her to be connected to both the Monster of Florence murders and 9/11.  

I’d also say the coolest summary is how passionately Douglas Preston (the American author of The Monster of Florence) has had Amanda Knox’s back and how consistently his defense of her was ignored by the American mainstream press even though he literally had the Committee to Protect Journalists advocating for him when HE was also arrested by the same prosecutor for ALSO being involved in a satanic mass murder and possibly 9/11. 

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