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1. Why did you choose this url?

because i am actually varrics chest hair

2. What’s your middle name?

……..haahah ughh my middle name is Chantelle 

3. If you could own a fairytale pet, what it would be?

a dragon. obviously. if that counts anyway. even if it doesn’t, i still pick dragon. dragons are forever!!!

4. Fave Color?

black and pink!!!!

5. Fave Song Right Now?

good question…. ummm honestly probably i see fire - ed sheeren atm because ive been listening to it on repeat for like a month now lmao. 

6. Top 3 Fandoms?

um naruto, xena, bioware. they’re always gonna be a part of me. cant leave them

7. Why do you like tumblr?

um….. haha. it passes time. i use it when im sad sometimes and sometimes its a good distraction. i kind of hate it sometimes, but its also kind of an informative site. and ive met some beautiful and wonderful people on here which im so grateful for so i cant complain!!! i guess i like this site for the people i have made friends with that i may never have met if it wasnt bc of tumblr!!!

8. Tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!

tagging:  morriganleliana, genderqueerloki, ceruleancrescentkharazim, conradverner 

I’m making an art for my apARTment!

It’s my first time working with oil paint, mostly because I bought them instead of acrylic by accident. I actually really like them.

Dad says his mom used to work with oil paint, so it’s kinda neat to feel close to her.

Sometimes I can’t handle the shit that is going on around me…
I’m so used to helping people solve their problems that when I’m the one w/ the problem that I can’t fix, I panic & cry because it’s out of my hands & Everyone else’s… So I have to sit & hope for the best…..
I end up day dreaming what my life could be in 10 years…although it makes me sad that that time is far away & I know I will still have to face my problems…..

It’s a lot better than thinking the world would be better off w/o me