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It seems like I’m drawn to photographer Amanda Friedman’s Night Landscapes series every Halloween. She spends her days doing celebrity portraits, but when the sun goes down, she takes these long-exposure photos that capture the feeling of being stranded in the dead of night [cue the zombies and werewolves]. Hauntingly beautiful and totally spooky. – Heidi

10 Professional Photographers Who Still Shoot Film

This might be the digital age, but in today’s contemporary art world, there are still flourishing photographers who prefer to shoot film for various reasons. Of course, most of them love the quality of images and the meditative process of the various formats; film as a medium can teach a photographer a lot to inform their work with.

The following 10 artists have been able to produce some exceptional work with film, and each one has a unique style which they formed through their use of this medium:

1.    BOOGIE

Actual name Vladimir Milivojevich, this photographer shoots almost exclusively in black and white film and fixates mostly on unusual and dangerous street scenes of dangerous New York Neighborhoods, gang life and skinheads and violent protests in his home town of Belgrade Serbia. This photojournalistic style is given a dark edge, devoid of distracting colors.

Boogie has been featured in various major magazines including New York Times, Time magazine, Huffington Post, Huck magazine, and an HBO showcalled “How To Make it in America”. He has also published 5 monograph books andtaken part in various gallery exhibitions in Paris, Milan, New York and California. His clients include Nike, Puma and the New York Yankees.

{Nike Cross Campaign 2013 by Boogie}

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