Alice Dunbar Nelson was born 19 July 1875, and died 18 September 1935


  1. In every race, in every nation, and in every clime in every period of history there is always an eager-eyed group of youthful patriots who seriously set themselves to right the wrongs done to their race or nation or… art or self-expression.
  2. It’s punishment to be compelled to do what one doesn’t wish.
  3. I sit and sew - a useless task it seems, My hands grown tired, my head weighed down with dreams…

Nelson was an American poet, journalist and political activist.

by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write

Red John 6x08

This is the longest thing I have ever written soo I’ll be surprised if someone will read it all :D Here’s the thing : I’ve seen every single episode at least two times and this one I’ve seen only one soo I decided it’s time to rewatch it and I must say it was like watching it for the first time all over again : the feels are real 

I love every scene with Lisbon in empty office. In this one she’s heartbroken, tears in her eyes, in the second one we can see her smiling and definitely reminiscing 

Jesus I almost forgot how much I hated our beloved Jisbon king. 

I love this scene soo freaking much. I have to admit that Rockmond  was a great choice for Abbott. He has AMAZING chemistry with both Robin and Simon . Robin/Lisbon was an point in every scene. She was soo strong and confident the whole time..when her whole world collapsed: she lost her job, she’s in trouble , she knows what Jane is doing and she helpless: she can’t help him nor stop him. This scene shows it perfectly when she told Abbott that she still is a good cop without any hesitation in her voice. Powerful scene. 

Then this one got me good. I remember that most of was disappointed. “They should kiss or hug at least” . I was all about that but now I can see why they didn’t hug.You can see it in their eyes, this is their possible goodbye. Jane fought for it for 10 yrs with Lisbon by his side.”This is it” with his soft voice. They are both nervous and scared. I think Lisbon is pretty much aware of her feeling here soo she would go with him but he wants to protect her . They both know they will probably never see each other again.If they hugged they would burst in tears, both of them and Jane had to stay with a sharp mind . This short “ eye sex” they gave each other was enough , beautiful and intimate . I teared up. Then I burst in tears because I realized that they are married now and Lisbon is almost 6 months pregnant <3

but OH MAN this scene . Loyalty is the word of this episode. The CBI team was ALWAYS there for Jane , supporting him in 100% even though it was against their nature ( Lisbon changed her mind in season 6 ) . This is such a beautiful scene , I had a series of flashbacks of every moment they were there for him , helping him by doing bunch of very illegal stuff because they were all he had.  This whole “ we don’t know if he’s safe with you” was amazing :D Even Jane was like “ hmm :D” . Side node : considering all the hate between Abbott and Cho how on earth he ended up working with him ?!xD 

I’m glad that Jane said thank you ..they deserved it.

This whole scene in the car was awesome :D This little smile that Grace gave Lisbon and every line of dialogue . Rigsby trying to be the civilize one and Cho being like “ what the hell are you doing ? what do you want? a better cell ?”

Now oh Bertram. I think the most of us can say : I never liked the guy. I loved how they were showing us his dark side gradually since the beginning of season 6 but I was sure that he is not RJ . To the very last second I was sure that it’s going to be Heffner tbh. Then Bertram died and this happened :

Oh Xander Berkley is an amazing actor and the entire scene in the chapel gave me chills.I was stressed the heck out for the entire 42 minutes but this scene was ..just wow.I’m not touching this whole “ McAllister as RJ ..meh “ thing because I don’t care that it’s McAllister. Xander Brkley played a psychopath in amazing way. I don’t know if you noticed : small smiles, tongue thing .. and he has an amazing chemistry with Simon.Their talk was chilling “ I don’t care , Idk know. It pissed RJ , he wanted attention and Jane knew that. 

Let’s skip the whole pigeon thing., I don’t feel like talking about it :D

Okay if you still with me : Remember when I told you it was like watching it for the first time ? I totally forgot about her and this knife thing almost gave me a heart attack.

I’ll skip the chase and go to the best part :

During my first time with this ep like most of you  I was amused by RJ’s behavior but now I understand. I recently rewatched strawberries & cream and  fake RJ said “ I’m not a monster , I’m a human being “. RJ maybe is a psychopath but he’s a person if we liked it or not . He feels fear , he’s afraid of the pain of dying , and of death. 

oh Simon Baker.. Simon Baker ladies and gentlemen. Deep breaths, tensed jaw, calm voice, some sort of satisfaction and relieve written all over his face. He finally  found his peace.

here.. idk what he was thinking . In my opinion he thought about pulling the trigger but then he thought about Lisbon and the rest of the team and that they wouldn’t want that. Let;s leave this like that .

of course he called Lisbon. “ I’m gonna miss you” * I’m not crying..not at all*

I wonder if she ever got that message or they took her phone as evidence. I hope she got it :(

and the run is very symbolic too . He was chasing his demons for soo long, now he is finally free. 

God I hope that at least half of it makes sense :D

Okay it took me an hour. If someone read that : THANK YOU