ANTM Flashbacks: Amanda & Michelle Babin; Cycle 7; 4th & 5th

Amanda: It's always bad when something good ends and this was definitely something good. It’s over…it was fun it was something I’ll never forget. It’s something that can never happen again. I think I did want this more than my sister. I think I wanted it more. It’s just hard to leave something, it’s hard, there’s no way to explain how I feel. It’s kind of like I’m breaking up with Top Model, but I got broken up with. 

Michelle: I kind of shot myself in the foot today. I don’t want my sister to leave because its one of her dreams too. Maybe I was a distraction. Now that I’m gone I hope it gives her more focus. I don’t want her to ever second guess herself. She’s amazing, she’s my sister, I love her. I guess I was here to find myself; I found a little bit of something. So that works for me…I need to embrace it. instead of hiding from it.