bridesmaid duties & family

“Red really isn’t my color.” I disagreed, still a bit disappointed that I had let Amanda convince me to agree on all red for the bridesmaids. «It makes the white of my dress pop out» — that was her excuse. “But at least my tits look great.” The sweetheart neckline was indeed flattering on me, much to my content.

“That they do, love.” Harry agreed and before I knew it, my brief distraction as I looked back at the church gave him enough time to fixate his eyes on my cleavage, his bottom lip caught between his teeth by the time I smacked his arm playfully.

“Stop looking you pervert, people are going to notice!”

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My friend asked me why girls ride other girls thighs and I was like “do u know what’s clit is?” And he shrugged his shoulders and went “pfffft obviously.” and I was like “well, as you know it’s a bundle of nerves, so someone with a vagina would more than likely enjoy the feeling of grinding on someone’s thigh.” And he was like “I don’t get it.” And his girlfriend was like “how do you not get it?” And he was like “funnily enough I’ve never had lesbian sex…” and Danielle and I just looked at each other, then gave his girlfriend the biggest look of sympathy ever.


Full collection of fav ladies from Destiny … And Omnigul, she’s also a pretty lady. Thanks you so much for all the comments and notes!

Second edit: Noo … It can’t be! I forgot Eris! She also was in the collection. Bad artist. Bad hunter master. Really bad XDXDXD