Okay guys I had to drag these from the pits of hell but here we are!! I was tagged by on-cloud-jiyong (aka Astrid aka wong-direction ) thank you for tagging me you are a cutie pie!! to do the 10 beautiful challenge.

The 10 lovely people I chose are torie-inhell 💕 princess9797 broken-larries michaelgclifflord mistak-e-n harrytheprancer d-e-fective not-plasticbut-fantastic strawberlarry
And who ever else wants post some cheeky selfies I guess ;)


A Midsummers Night’s Dream

My talented friend, Amanda Amador, took these gorgeous photos of me during a shoot we did with other local girls. The theme was bohemian fairies and we were styled in flowing dresses, glowing makeup and flowers in our hair. 

Although I’m super picky and don’t think I photograph well, I can’t stop looking at these photos of me!  I will be doing all of my outfit shoots with Amanda from now on. She has a true eye for beauty and gives awesome direction - I love when a photographer knows exactly what they want. I can’t wait to show you all what we have planned for this upcoming month!

Amanda is available for hire throughout North Carolina and the DC area! Hair and makeup by Sunshine Makeup Artistry