Rollisi Thoughts on Ep 17x14

We had a lot of interaction between Sonny and Amanda, which pleasantly surprised me since the episode was a crossover. I had a lot to say about this, which is why I kept it separate from my main post on the episode.

I have to say, when Amanda visibly reacted to Liv ordering her to take Sonny with her to meet Yates, I was disappointed. She literally went “why do I have to take him?” which she’s said in the past (when she had to go to Atlanta, way back when Sonny was new and she didn’t want him to know about her life) but which I thought was left in the past. I thought we were over that, over Amanda scoffing and saying “ugh I don’t want Carisi with me”.

But their scene at the vending machine (which is, like, their spot now) made me understand Amanda’s reaction. She hates being coddled, especially now that she’s a mom. And Sonny, he does like to coddle people. Amanda knew that Sonny would probably get a little overprotective if he saw her with Yates, more than Dodds would or even Fin (because Fin would just say something snarky to keep her in check, he would never actually coddle her), that’s why she specifically didn’t want Sonny with her.

The Vending Machine

I’m going back and forth on the romantic potential of Rollisi. If Sonny had a thing for Amanda, would he pat her on the shoulder and say “girl, if you’re feeling a little post-partum, I got just the thing”? That’s not exactly romantic. That’s something a friend would say, or a nosy colleague. Then again, Sonny is always butting in with helpful but unwanted advice, and he probably wouldn’t be able to play it cool, not even if he had a crush, so who knows.

Also, Sonny did tease Amanda about her interest in Yates, which didn’t exactly read as jealousy but it did sound a little too serious (like Sonny was teasing, but also sussing out Amanda, trying to see if Yates had really gotten into her head). And the “motherhood has really mellowed you out” comment, it was hilarious, but again not something a love interest might say.

I get where Amanda is coming from, in wanting to stay the badass that she is, in wanting to keep people’s perception of her unchanged. But I actually think Sonny’s view of her hasn’t changed; his only comments about her being a mom involve actual mom things (baby stuff, post partum stuff), not anything related to her being a cop.

When it comes to Amanda being a cop, I feel that Sonny still sees her the same way. He wasn’t opposed to her seeing Yates because she’s a mom now, he was opposed to it because he felt that she was maybe too attached to this case/this killer. When he reacted to Yates’s comments, he wasn’t trying to protect Amanda because she’s a mom, he was doing it because she’s his friend, because Yates was being super-creepy, and because Sonny is a sweetheart and he’d probably do the same for, like, Fin.

Rollisi and Their Love for Serial Killers

I really liked how Amanda and Sonny openly talked about their fondness for their fave murderers. I get the sense they woudn’t be as open with, say, Liv (though in the premiere Sonny did cop to liking Rudnick, because he’s too honest to hide it, I guess), out of fear of being reprimanded, but they were open with each other because they were in the same boat. And they really were open.

When Amanda told Sonny “you saw us together, it was fine” there was an unspoken “right???” at the end of that sentence, like she was trying to convince Sonny but also herself. And when Sonny was all “yeah right lol, he’s got your number”, she didn’t deny it. She just said the same applied to Sonny and Rudnick. Which Sonny didn’t deny either; he just tried to explain it, all “but Rudnick is weird and I relate to that”. That was a nice, cordial moment between them. They didn’t make fun of each other, they just bonded over their questionable taste.

Stray Rollisi Thoughts

Sonny was quick to reassure Amanda that no one was blaming her after Yates escaped, which, aw.

Amanda had Sonny’s back, when he was trying to save Rudnick. She tried to stop the state cops too. I appreciated that.

Rollisi in the Future

I think this episode gave us a lot of solid Rollisi moments. I don’t think it particularly advanced a potential romantic storyline, but it did show them interacting more closely, teasing each other, having a few honest moments. I think that, if anything does eventually happen, all these seemingly platonic/friendly moments will have set it up in a wonderfully organic, belieable way.

I just don’t know how it would happen. Rollisi, I mean. What would trigger it. With Rollaro, it was a strong physical attraction (I imagine, lol) plus their volatile personalities and intense interactions. With Rollisi, Amanda and Sonny are just being cute and friendly. That’s a great, solid foundation, but it could also just be perceived as a brother-and-sister dynamic (Kelli even called it a sibling rivalry in a recent interview, and that’s what I personally always thought until Sonny held her baby, lol). How would that turn into something more? I’d like to find out.

There’s an Amanda-centric (I think) episode coming up (17x16, in which Rollins “takes matters into her own hands“) and there’s a Sonny-centric too (probably 17x19) and I’d like to see if and how they each figure into the other’s big episode. With Rollaro, unfortunately they were often absent from the other’s major moments (which, great writing, y’all!). We do have a decent precedent at least, with Sonny being there for Amanda in the episode with Amanda’s mom and sister treating her like dirt, as always. Let’s see if the writers have learned from their mistakes.

Story Time

I had the weirdest dream last night, guys. Adam Driver and I are together and like, kissing in my bed (omg, right??), when Amanda Palmer shows up with her new baby and asks me to babysit. Because apparently we are pals. So Adam and I agree and for some reason we need to drive around her ice cream truck because whatever is making it impossible to take of her baby that day also means it’s impossible for her to complete her rounds with the ice cream truck. 

Well, no sooner than we start driving around (Adam is holding the baby, I am driving because we are a modern couple) do we see fire coming out of the high school gym. So we head on over and try to help, only to find that the place is crawling with husks, Mass Effect 2 derelict reaper-style. 

So, Adam and I try to help the basketball team trapped inside, and we’ve nearly got everyone out, when Amanda Palmer shows up and kills Adam Driver (for reasons I still don’t understand) and then tries to kill me. I win, kill Amanda Palmer, find out she’d killed Neil Gaiman, acclaimed author and father of said baby, and let the husks loose in the attempt to lure us to our death. 

I then leave the gym (it’s on fire now, I don’t know how that happened) with Amanda Palmer’s baby, presumably to raise him as my own and feel conflicted for the rest of my life because his mother killed the love of my life. 

That’s when I wake up.


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Imagine being Rollins’ little sister and she’s really protective of you and she finds out you’re dating Carisi when she catches the two of you in a heated make out session in an empty interrogation room.

——— Request for anon ———

“At work? Guys? Really?” the shrill shout breaks you and Carisi quickly from each others lips, him practically jumping across the interrogation room as you stumble off the tabletop where you’d been perched.

“A-Amanda, hey,” you squeak as you glance towards Carisi. Under any other circumstances, you would have thought the bright red blush that had started covering his face was adorable.

“My sister?” she accuses Carisi, before turning to you before he can answer, “My partner?” You and Carisi give semi-apologetic shrugs, blushing a deeper shade as an audience begins to form behind your sister’s back, peering into the interrogation room to see what the fuss was about.

“Look, Rollins—” Carisi’s stammered explanation was cut off by the hand she holds up, before she points at the two of you.

“We’re talkin’ about this after work.”