Lovewrecked (2005)

I think this movie is every fangirl’s fantasy ! Who wouldn’t wanna get stranded on an island with their celebrity crush ?

The movie follows Jenny a highschool girl as she comes to the resort for a summer job to earn money for college. The resort is Jason’s favorite and she hopes that she’ll get him to notice her. Jason Masters is a world-famous rockstar that’s having a tour that summer. One night Jenny sneaks aboard a party vessel Jason was on and when he’s washed overboard, Jenny jumps in to save his life, but the boat gets further and further and they get stranded on a desserted island. That’s all i’m gonna say for now ! 

I loved when Amanda Bynes was doing comedies like this one. She’s one of my favorite actresses. The actors were good and guess what ? Aaron Samuels from Means Girls is in it ! I really hope you’ll like it and feel free to tell me your opinions :)

Duke wants Olivia, who like Sebastian, who’s clearly Viola, who’s brother is dating Monique so she hates Olivia, who’s with Duke to make Sebastian jealous, who’s clearly Viola, who’s crushing on Duke, who thinks she’s a guy.

She’s The Man turns 10 years old this year.

Never forget. 

Whenever I see a post mocking Britney Spears or Amanda Bynes, I get really uncomfortable now. I’m not sure if people really know that they both were 5150′d into their parents’ custody because of a mental breakdown. Amanda Bynes has been diagnosed with severe schizophrenia and I think Spears had a similar diagnoses (but don’t quote me on that). 

Idk, knowing that stuff, whenever I see a post making light/making fun of Britney shaving her hair or Amanda for her nonsensical tweets and keeping a towel over her head…it does not make me feel very comfortable.