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If Milo Murphy’s Law does get a third season, I’ve got a wish list for it.

1. More of Just Getting Started.

2. More Milo songs!

3. More episodes with more of the Murphy family.

4. An episode with the Lopez family.

5. An episode of how Martin & Brigette met.

6. More Sara and Neal (hopefully with a kissing scene).

7. An episode with Milanda & Zalissa moments. More moments with these two pairings in general.

8. An episode with the pets. We got “Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer” so why not?

9. More Veronica because she’s great.

10. More of this family bond.

More because no more photo room.

  • A fundraiser for the school, maybe the yacht can come in handy.
  • More past enemies/rivals coming back.
  • The new antagonist(s). That’s about it.
  • A look into Milo’s future (high school, adult, it doesn’t matter).
  • More birthday episodes.
  • Zack’s little brothers!!!
  • Neal’s last name to be revealed.
  • Bradley’s Plant Arm arc!!!
  • Who is Crystal?!
  • The mystery of Melissa’s mom (seriously, Melissa hasn’t brought her up once).
  • Cavendish, Dakota, & P.I.G.
  • More PnF characters to show up (Isabella, I’m talking about you!).
  • Maybe an AU episode or two (Phineas and Ferb had at least 5 of them).
  • Doofenshmirtz going home (I loved having there, but the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building does get fixed).
  • More holiday episodes.
  • Characters that only showed up once returning (Lola & Jackie).
  • More of Chad and the Supernatural.
  • Brick and Savannah with more time travel.
  • More Dr Zone!!!
  • A Milo and Diogee back story.

What are your hopes for MML Season 3? Also, do you agree with mine?

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Hoy, 18 de mayo de 2019, se emite el último episodio de la segunda temporada de Milo Murphy’s Law en Estados Unidos. El futuro de la serie es incierto, hay quienes ya consideran al show como finalizado y otros aún no pierden la fe por una continuación. Pase lo que pase, seguidores o detractores, aquí estaremos para seguir compartiendo sobre la serie, eso espero, no lo sé, no puedo decidir por ustedes; yo seguiré aquí, hasta donde se pueda. Estrenado el 3 de octubre de 2016 e incluyendo el hiatus de 2018, el programa duró 2 años, 7 meses, y 15 días.

So We All Want a MML “Inside Out” AU, Right?

Milo’s Emotions

I honestly can’t decide if Milo’s dominant emotion is Joy or Fear; probably the former, but Fear would at least be second-in-command. Joy just wants Milo to try everything while Fear is there to remind him that they need to keep the backpack stocked up. The two may be friends or friendly rivals with each other.

Disgust, of course, represents all of Milo’s tastes. This means (s)he is a total dork, obsessed with polka music and flying off the handle if they have to miss the new Doctor Zone Files. I’m vaguely imagining Disgust as a girl who kind of represents Sara’s influence on Milo, while Sara might have a Milo-esque Disgust herself. 

We haven’t seen Milo angry much so far, but he seems to default to sarcasm (”Mr. Chase, I’m flattered…but no.”) So Anger spends more of his/her time snarking at the others than blowing up with fire hair.

Much like with Riley in the movie, Milo’s Sadness is lurking in the background, but when (s)he gets a turn at the controls look out.

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