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the year is 198X.  the internet doesn’t exist, weed, cigarettes and alcohol aren’t that moderated and boomboxes are still a thing. four high school misfits. an alien menace. teen angst. everything is against you, but keep trying your luck, kiddo.


what next? / who guards the bodyguard?

… Farah & Amanda from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (BBCA)

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GOT7 Scenario - They see their child for the first time after a one night stand

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He would have gotten drunk recklessly whilst hanging out with Yugyeom. I think that he would be more of an angry drunk, probably because he was sick of the managers treating him like a small child. He saw you from across the bar and immediately made his way to you. You would have been in an angry drunk state as well, so after the small talk, the both of you were going at it in the bathroom stall. You never saw him again after the nigh, but you had become pregnant and gave birth to a boy called Min Jun. He was around 6 years old and the two of you were having a day out when you would see BamBam again. He was across the street shooting and saw you and locked eyes with you before staring at your child that looked a lot like him. He widened his eyes before shaking his head down, upset with himself.

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I can imagine this being a silly mistake. He and you would have known each other, not that well, but well enough to be invited to the same parties and dinners. The both of you would be drunk as hell at one party and dancing messily on the dancefloor. Once a slow song came on, the both of you would become very close and touchy with each other, which eventually left with the two of you in the car together. Once it was done, the two of you went back inside and completely ignored the fact that you had slept with each other. Later on, you soon found out that you were pregnant. You decided to not tell Jackson in fear of running his career and took time off when the bump was being to be noticeable. Once you had given birth to Amanda, you went back to work and raised her in secret, not letting anyone from the company know. However, one day you had to stop by the office to pick something up on the way home from picking Amanda up from her day care. When you returned to the car, you noticed Jackson staring angrily at your car, specifically at Amanda. He turned to you whilst mumbling “Why the fuck did you not tell me?”

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I think that you and JB would have been extremely close. As in you both had feelings for each other but neither one of you would admit. I can see that t would probably be late at night, whilst you were helping him write lyrics for a new song for GOT7’s comeback. You were both tired and leaning on each other and then JB would have taken this chance to give you a quick kiss. That quick kiss turned into something much more and soon enough, you were both discarding clothes. A few days later, it was not awkward between the two of you but there was definitely some tension. You soon left Korea to go to London to do some business. In London, you discovered that you were pregnant had given birth to a young girl called Yemi. Yemi was about 5 months when you returned back to Korea and a few weeks later, you decided to let JB know. You invited him over and e happily agreed. However, when he soon saw your child, his smile went and was in a very foul mood. “What the hell do you want me to do?

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I feel as if it would be quite rare to see a one-night stand with Jinyoung because I see him (in my own personal point of view) as the most responsible member of GOT7. However, if It was to happen, I feel like it would be purely by accident. I think that the two of you most likely will be having drunk sex after a company dinner, but the condom broke. You then went to America to do some work over there in preparing for the USA tour and it would be there you discovered you pregnant. You would come back to Korea in time to  give birth to a baby boy called Daichi. You immediately called Jinyoung because you did have respect for him and he did have the right to know. Once he came over, you both sat down in the kitchen and you nervously explained everything that had happened before actually showing him Daichi. He just looked and listened intensively before running his hands through her mumbling “wow”

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I can imagine this being a neutral thing between you and him, like he would simply come up to you and simply asks if you would like to get with him. There would have always been some sexual tension between the two of you but nothing serious enough to get into a proper relationship. Therefore, you did sleep with him and that should have been the end of it. But oh no it was not. Whilst you were back in school, you had realised you were pregnant. You struggled through and managed to give birth to a girl called Adalene. You did struggle to raise her whilst studying for your exams but you did eventually graduate and then moved into a two-bedroom flat for the two of you. Adalene was about 5 now and you were cooking dinner when you suddenly got a call from Yugyeom saying he would like to meet up with you. You reluctantly agreeed and invited him to dinner. You had put Adalene to bed after giving her dinner a bit earlier and waited for him to arrive. Once he did arrived, the two of you sat down and chatted for a bit before you decided to tell him. You led him into a pink bedroom that contained your sleeping daughter whilst whispering”She’s yours, you know”.  Yugyeom just sat down in a chair with his mouth covered while looking at her. “Fuck, I just wished you told me earlier Y/N”

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Mark would have to have been extremely drunk for him to sleep with you for no actual reason. I feel like it would happen when they had gotten a very high award and they decided to all go out for drinks to celebrate. You would just be a normal member that was helping with promotions or something like that, it just so happened the two of you got extremely drunk whilst near each other and one thing led to another. The next day, he had disappeared and left you a small note apologising and stating it was a mistake. You sighed and got on with your life. A week after, you mum/dad/guardian had gotten ill so you decided to go look after her/him. But around the same time, you had discovered that you had become pregnant. Your guardian/mum/dad decided that it would be best for you to have the pregnancy at your family home to make it as easy as possible, so you decided to stay there for the entire length of your pregnancy and had given birth to a healthy girl called Jae Eun. Your family advised that you should tell Mark as soon as possible, so you went over to the company building and asked him to come over. He reluctantly agreed and came over the next evening. There you sat him down, with Jae Eun in the room and calmly explained. Once you were finished, Mark had his face covered to prevent his tears from coming out. “I’m so sorry Y/N, for making you do this by yourself, i’m so sorry”

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He would have had a massive crush on you before, so when he was drunk, he would have been ALL OVER YOU. You were drunk but not as drunk as he was, but still gave in eventually and you both had a wonderful night. The morning after, he would still be sleeping but you had soon realised that the neither of you had used some sort of protection before hand. You carefully removed yourself from bed and immediately got changed and left. You did not come to work for a few days after the shock of realising that you might be pregnant was conformed via a pregnancy test. You decided to confront the manager and he was extremely upset. He had ordered you to leave your job position effective immediately and banned all contact with Youngjae. You were in a depressive slump for the first two months of your pregnancy, but with the help of family and close friends, you were soon able to get out of that slump and give birth to a healthy boy called Manu. It had been three years since you would had given birth and you were finally stable and had a small home for the two of you. However, one day the doorbell rung and you were surprised to see Youngjae. Before you could process everything, he stormed through and entered the living room and saw Manu sitting there, now staring at him, but was watching television. You tried to speak but was quickly cut off when he coldly said “I don’t care what our manager thinks, if he was my son, I should have every fucking right to know”

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Trinis bodyguard
  • Principal Caplan: Amanda these accusations are ridiculous.
  • Amanda: what? Principal Caplan, look at me! She did this not only to me but to everyone on the cheer squad at the football team.
  • Kim: who me? I'd never do such a thing! - pretends to be shock -
  • Principal Caplan: look Amanda there's just no way that one girl can do what you accused her of doing. And unless you have proof I can't do anything about this.
  • Kim: Amanda I'm sorry that we don't get along anymore. But that's not reason to make up lies.
  • Amanda: look at her!
  • -Kim just shrugs her shoulders.-
  • - outside after they leave the principal's office-
  • Amanda: -standing in front of Kimberly- you know what you did.
  • Kim: Amanda you're acting crazy. This isn't very healthy behavior.
  • Amanda: I know what you are Kim. You're a freak. Just like that...that dyke you hang around.
  • Kim: oh Poor Amanda. You're delusional. -Kimberly smirks and pretends to stroke Amanda's cheek-
  • Kim: but I'll tell you what. - she suddenly snaps and picks up Amanda by her shirt collar. The latter looking at the small girl in fear.
  • Kim: if you ever deface trini's locker or call her a dyke again, I'll make sure you'll never be able walk right. got it?
  • -Amanda nods frantically Her eyes wide with fear and her voice shaking-
  • Kim: great! - Kimberly let's her go and smiles brightly- glad we had this talk.
  • - Kim walks walks away with a smirk on her face. Mission accomplished-

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Childhood headcanons about Todd and Amanda?

  • Amanda did ballet for years and actually really enjoyed it. She only stopped in high school because she had to pick an extra-curricular and drums were better stress relief.
  • They spent months playing with old-fashioned marbles. Their parents thought it was kind of weird but never complained because marbles were cheaper than new Nintendo games.
  • Todd played Princess Peach as a joke one time during Mario Kart and liked it so much that he never stopped.
  • Their parents got them a Tamagotchi to share but Amanda drowned it in the bath after 12 hours because she thought it needed a wash.
  • They lost count of how many times Amanda’s picked a fight with the older kids and Todd had to somehow extricate them (bribery, blackmail, throwing a punch and legging it, making them laugh until they forget they were mad, he’s used to it by now).
  • There’s grainy old VHS footage of a tiny Todd and Amanda slow dancing to Tale As Old As Time. Both of them deny that such a thing exists which is unfortunate, because their parents adore Dirk and Farah and break out the footage at the first possible opportunity.
  • There’s also grainy old VHS footage of both Brotzman siblings in matching knitted jumpers with matching gaps in their front teeth (Todd lost his during a soccer game, Amanda knocked hers out so that they could match, their parents almost cried).
Doctor Styles|Part 2

If you missed it: Part 1

A/N: Thank you @narryschonceaf for being my ever for lovely beta. Love you bestie. Could never thank you enough. 

Controlling the tears that was threatening to spill down your cheeks. Your took deep breathes. Deep breath in like smelling the flowers, and deep breath out like blowing a candle. In and out. In and out. 

12:21 am

Your drive from the hospital was quick, no cars were in sight. The darkness thick like fog as it swallows the dimly lit streets. After your exhausting day, this is what you needed. Silence, with a hint of some classics playing in the background on your car’s stereo. You relaxed in your seat letting your shoulders to slouch, breathing in the scent of your car’s air freshener and whiff of pine trees.

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just cuz i can’t sleep and i saw baby driver today...

 athe DGHDA baby driver au:

-Todd and his family were in a car accident when he was just a kid. His parents were killed, his sister was deafened and lost the use of her legs, he came out better but with lasting tinnitus that affects his hearing.

-with no other family and a disabled lil sister, he took to doing some illegal stuff to keep them both alive- he was jacking cars the second he was tall enough to see over the dashboard. unfortunately one day he jacked a car from someone he shouldn’t have- Riggins, a man who earned his riches through bank heists and killing the people who get in his way.

-seeing the talent and stupidity courage in the kid that stole his car, he makes little Todd a deal- he can pay off his debt by driving for him. Todd reluctantly agrees. 

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The Girl Who Never Dances

Series: Little Witch Academia

Characters: Amanda & Diana

Words: 1,460

Genres: General, Romance (?)

A/N: I’ve been wanting to try writing these two for a while now. I love the princess–delinquent dynamic so much. This is just set in another Luna Nova dance/banquet in general. Since we didn’t get to see Amanda in her dress in the show, I put her in it here.


The Girl Who Never Dances

Amanda’s lost count of how many dances and banquets Luna Nova has held over the past four months. But at every single one of them, there’s something she notices.

Or rather, someone

She’s always alone, too, which Amanda never would’ve expected from her at these kind of things. After all, it was expected that the prestigious Diana Cavendish would be having the time of her life at such cordial events, showing off her charisma and charm every time the opportunity presented itself. 

But each and every time without fail, Amanda has noticed she never does such things. 

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TELL ME ABOUT DREAM DADDY!! who are you gonna romance first?

I JUST FINISHED MY FIRST PLAYTHROUGH (well. actually second playthrough, but I screwed up the first time because Robert ended up hating me and the game ended really early lmfaooo)

BUT I WENT FOR ROBERT FIRST and boy o boy did I not regret it lmao (his kid’s name… yep that was slightly awkward), he’s adorable. Also because I’m extra and so is Damien, he’s next on my list

I highly recommend checking it out!! It had me dying laughing and then tear up because of feelings ): It’s great!!

Oh and EDIT: you can actually pick if you are a trans man, you can pick if you had a wife or husband and you can pick whether Amanda is your biological or adopted child (meaning your spouse can be implied trans as well)!!!! I loved that!

Class of 198X - Episode 2 RECAP

Here is a recap of Class of 198X - Stoner Munchies Mindfuck for non-rooster teeth first members who want to keep up with canon or just the show. 

For First Members: SPOILER ALERT

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