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For the pilot it was basically, we were all sort of on probation, they could’ve gotten rid of anyone of us at the end of the pilot so we were all on our very best behaviour, said all the lines that were written and then after the pilot I went up to [the writers] and I said, “Look, women don’t really talk like this.”
“And, can we make this character more fully realised and can we make her just an intrical part of the team without actually putting a red flag on the fact that she’s a woman, all the time?”
‘Cause it gets boring. It’s like constantly putting a red flag on the fact that Teal’c is an alien! He really is! He is an alien! Well, I’m a girl! …you know… What’s the point?

~ Amanda Tapping ~

we all know dirk has happy dog personality like a ray of sunshine which i adore, plus todd is more like a cat i think


mal’s neverending list of favourite stisaac fics (7/∞)

“Oh,” Scott says, like he’s forgotten he’s the only person within spitting distance who knows the Judgey Guy. “Isaac, this is Stiles. Stiles, Isaac’s one of the MCs.

MCS,” Stiles says, smiling like a little bitch. “I can see.

You suck,Isaac tells him.Go away, I’m supposed to be slamming cabinets.

He motions to Derek and all of the techs scatter. Stiles, though, takes his sweet time backing away, hands deep in his pockets, eyeing him up like a good deal at the furniture store. Finally, he gets far enough back that Derek starts to roll.

Every cabinet Isaac slams, he pretends he’s slamming it right into Stiles’ smirky, judgey face. 

Kiss My Sass by howcleverofyou



mal’s neverending list of favourite stisaac fics (4/∞)

It’s been one week and four days since his father screwed up and took him to the same hospital one too many times. One week and four days since Nurse McCall pulled him aside and asked, “Is he hurting you?” and he said, “Yes,” for the first time.

Or, the one where Stiles is tech support and fixes more than just Isaac’s computer.

Then There Was Rain by HowCleverOfYou