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THE AMAZING CREWNIVERSE!!!! (My idols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

How it is so much talent in a single image?

From left to right: Charles Austen, Raven M. Molisee, Nick DeMayo, Raven M. Molisee, Paul Villeco, Angie Wang, Elle Michalka, Jasmin Lai, Christy Cohen, Alan Pasman, Amanda Winterstein, Lauren Hecht, Emily Walus, Aleth Romanillos, Danny Hynes, Carolyna Robezzoli, Colin Howard, Steven Sugar, Stu Livingston, Jeff Liu, Jackie Buscarino, Matt Burnett, Ian Jones-Quartey, Ben Levin, Carder Scholin, Kat Morris, Kevin Dart and Rebecca Sugar!!!

“Moonlit Battlefield” from Rose’s Scabbard, the nighttime version of “Strawberry Battlefield”. surasshu crafted the beat and various synth effects, and I composed the sine riff, piano, harp, bell, and strings. Jeff Ball gave all of the great string performances throughout the episode.

The gorgeous background art was drawn by Sam Bosma and painted by Amanda Winterstein!

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your work, you may have been asked this before but who are some of your artistic influences? whether that be animation/comics/manga or video games etc. Keep up the fantastic work!

Thanks mate! Nah I actually love this question, because I think influences change a lot (for me at least), so it’s actually nice to remind myself and get some kind of clarity/perspective about what I’m making.


I’m just gonna rattle off a bunch of stuff that has gotten me really excited lately. So here goes….

Fist of the North Star, Conan (the first film, ENTIRE SOUNDTRACK and obvs the comics), Old school warhammer illustrators like Ian Miller and John Blanche. Slam Dunk, Ranma, Gundam, Sam Hiti’s Death Day, Frazetta, Metal Gear Solid (been playing 5, but scouring over the others), naturally that ties into Escape from LA and John Carpenter stuff (also Carpenter music).  Yoshitaka Amano’s concept stuff, Ninja Scroll, Crayon Shin Chan (the manga, haven’t seen the show yettt). Enio Morricone, Kurasawa, Berserk.

A bunch of good buds also get me insanely motivated to draw and make stuff. Some real good stuff coming from Jesse Balmer, Niv Bavarsky, Mike Olivio, Erica Jones, Amanda Winterstein, et al.

Music of late has been pretty Metal oriented. Stuff like Domine (Aquilonia Suite, wooooooooow), Thor, Bathory and Equilibrium. But I’m also loving stuff like Cory Henry and Vulfpeck too. I’m listening to Aqualung right now and it’s doing good things.

So basically I feed on all this stuff and shit out drawings and whatever, it’s insane and fun. 

I’ve got a side blog that I use for reference and inspiration, so that’d also be a good way to get an idea of what kinda stuff pushes me onward. GOBLINGEMS 

“Lion’s Mane” from Lion 3: Straight to Video.

This was my take on Rose’s beautiful theme by Rebecca. Thank you to Rebecca, Ian, and Jeff Liu for their musical suggestions, and to Jeff Ball for his wonderful violin performance as always!

Original “Rose’s Theme” composed by Rebecca Sugar
Arranged and mixed by Aivi & Surasshu
Strings performed by Jeff Ball

Art direction by Elle Michalka
Line art by Steven Sugar
Painted by Amanda Winterstein

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