amanda watches cartoons


rewatching ‘Kevin 11’ on the DVD and it always bothered me why the hell a SWAT team would be after two kids for stealing a dumb video game from a warehouse

then I realized

the game was probably just a lure for a setup they’d already been planning

the police were after kevin

how the hell many people must he have killed before ben and his family showed up


i don’t usually pay much attention to romance in cartoons but c'mon nazz and kevin were cute they even got foreshadowed here in the boys’ crush episode because (1) kevin’s the only one of the guys to go after nazz to apologize, and (2) he actually leaves his bike in the grass to do that KEVIN NEVER LEAVES HIS BIKE ANYWHERE

I bought the first season of Ben 10 on DVD today because that’s what real adults do when they have real paying jobs with salaries. They buy Ben 10.

This show is adorable and also a lot better than I remembered it! I mean, the writers obviously had to bend over backward to downplay the intelligence of the series, given the huge merchandising element that went into it, but even from the start the characterization is so good and the relationships and foreshadowing are so good and ugh I LOVE SHOWS THAT STRIVE TO HAVE A PLOT EVEN WHEN THE NETWORK AND DEMOGRAPHICS ARE WORKING AGAINST THEM.