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miles has good manners and that’s what matters


Your phone buzzes. Surprisingly, you don’t confuse it for the deep rumble of the parade in the distance. You’ve got a text from Lucien.

“The Raven has landed.”

You chuckle at the code name you and Lucien have chosen for Damien. He’s supposed to be luring his dad right into your trap… but it hasn’t been easy so far. Apparently, Damien is not only afraid of horror movies, but loud, booming noises as well.

You stand up on your tiptoes and use your superior dad arms to shield the sun from your eyes as you look for the duo. You’re standing on the street corner, behind a few children. The entire road is blocked off with street vendors selling various fatty foods and snacks. The faint rumble of the parade echoes in the distance. You remove your dad hat and wipe some sweat off of your forehead. It’s hot.

Amanda slides into the crowd beside you, cotton candy in one hand and a huge cup of soda in the other. She’s been drinking a lot more soda since she graduated. You pretend not to notice. She raises an eyebrow.

“They can’t be that hard to spot,” she says. “I’m sure Bat Dad is the only one wearing black on a day like today.”

The sun beats down and a cicada chirps its agreement with her statement. You roll your eyes at the totally dumb nickname she gave to Damien. ‘The Raven’ is so much better.

At last, you catch a glimpse of black out of the corner of your eye. Lucien drags a confused looking Damien in your direction and waves. You can’t help but crack a smile. Damien is so cute when he’s scared. You wave back.

“Oh thank goodness we finally found you!” Damien calls once he sees you. He frees himself from his son’s grip and rushes in your direction, throwing his arms around you. “There are far too many people here and it’s very loud.”

Your heart sinks. “We don’t have to stay here if you’re uncomfortable.”

He’s still got his arms tightly wound around your middle, and he looks up at you with heavily lined eyes. He didn’t wear the contacts today. His eyes are dark and charming.

“I feel much better now that I’m with you.”

This time your heart soars into your throat. You can hear your heartbeat thrumming in your ears, so loud you can’t even think straight. You manage to crack a smile and lean in to kiss him. Amanda and Lucien’s loud whoops interrupt your moment.

Turns out it isn’t your heart drumming in your ears, but the actual sound of drums. The marching band leads the parade around the street corner and Damien pulls away from you to follow your eyes where the band is making an entrance. The crowd cheers. Damien’s eyes lighten as he listens to the band playing a classic tune of “The Stars and Stripes Forever”. He takes your hand and gives it a firm squeeze. He can’t take his eyes off of the band and you can’t take your eyes off of him.

Once, he glances back at you and his eyes are glistening with excitement. Damien isn’t one for shouting but you’ve read his lips a thousand times so it’s easy to decipher his quiet words, “This is so lovely.”

You squeeze his hand back and return his elated grin. You can’t believe his father never took him to see a marching band.

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@amandaschronicles just posted a video explaining that they are Trans Non binary and go by Miles and they will be starting T!!! Just a little thing for anyone who hasn’t seen their most recent video! Can’t wait to see them grow and feel more comfortable with their gender and name!

(warning, there is loud sounds near the middle, and I do a victory “woo” at the end)

hey my loves! many of you have been wondering. “where did amanda go? did she drop off the face of the earth?”

well, I did not. I was working full time on Verena and another scholarship (which I got, i’ll be at WWDC!). Verena will be on the app store later this week. Here’s a little preview I got. 

After seeing amazing responses to this survey, i decided that Verena is the most important project for me to undertake. And I hope it made you guys proud. You’re the ones who made this. You’re the ones who spread the message and made it all possible. I love you all. Stay safe. 


leisurelypanda  asked:

When the twins start having periods, Craig sorta freaks out cause this isn't something he knows how to deal with. But Dadsona drives to the store and gets a couple packs of pads and tampons cause he's had to go through this with Amanda (if he's trans he's gone through it himself). He's Craig's (and more importantly the twins') hero.

Ohmygod yes!! Craig probably tells Dadsona he’s a hero and he’s just like ‘bro this is literally nothing’ tbh