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Ya know, it just kinda dawned on me how successful Danny Avidan has become.
The fact that he was once a depressed and troubled person with difficulties finding living arrangements and how he was so sad before, shows how strong of a human being he is.

He was able to overcome his hardships and rise above his sadness, and I really look up to him for that.

Now he’s part of two very successful bands, NinjaSexParty and Starbomb. Along the way though, he was a part of The Northern Hues and Skyhill. I’ve always felt as though his music was brilliant, regardless of the genre.
As well as that, he’s also the Not-So Grump that many people know of. He’s an Internet celebrity with a personality. “That chill dude with the crazy hair and the blue spandex”.

However he’s a lot more than that.

He’s my role model because he’s a caring and loving person. He has learned from his mistakes and if he makes any now, he owns up to his slip-ups and apologizes.
So many people don’t do that. So many people don’t accept that they did the wrong thing and they don’t change.
That’s why I love who Danny is.
He’s honest and cares about his fans. He’s a funny guy who without a doubt manages to make me and two million other people laugh. He’s gotten through the toughest shit and he has learned to be more positive.

He has even said “I’m just so happy now. All the fucking time, because I know what it’s like to be sad.”

He has made an impact in my life and I admire him for all the amazing things he’s achieved. I hope he continues to do more great things in the future.


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