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“Please, Father, if you’re out there, we need you. I need you to–”

Castiel’s prayer cut off at an insistent buzzing on his fingertips. He glanced down to find a honey bee bridging between his clasped hands, wings shivering in the warm breeze. There were hundreds of them in this park in Illinois, but the timing of it’s landing gave him pause. 

His search for God had become so desperate Castiel found himself questioning the smallest things, down to the sway of grass and the flight of bees, in fear of missing God’s sign when it came. 

The bee didn’t seem to share his worries. It moved to a better position to sun, unaware of the crisis it was causing a millennium old angel.

Sighing, Castiel allowed the insect to thoroughly inspect his (Jimmy’s) fingers before flying away. He chided himself for being irrational and prepared to make the next jump to Dubai.

Bees had nothing to do with the movements of God.   

And if the amulet in his pocket grew colder in the space between one plane and another, Castiel attributed it to leaving the noon sun behind. 

For Riley, who had a excited convo with me about Cas or Jimmy praying and I promised forever ago to draw it ♥ Happy belated birthday bb