Here, I blew this. She [Amanda Tapping] actually sank all four balls on that, and I shot it bad. I didn’t set the camera up high enough, and the shot that was supposed to show us [Sam’s shot] didn’t. But you have to know that Amanda actually … on the rehearsal for that [scene], I bet her a hundred dollars, that she couldn’t sink it. And she did it in the rehearsal. And I rolled camera, and I bet her another hundred bucks that she couldn’t do it again. And she sank it again.  Martin Wood, Upgrades audio commentary

►►Stargate SG-1 S10 : Unending


Air Date : July 14th, 2006
Season Number : 10
Episode Number : 20
Episode Name : Unending
Guest Stars : Gary Jones, Christopher Judge
Networks : Showtime
Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Trapped on board the Odyssey, the members of SG-1 must live out the rest of their lives together when Carter activates a time dilation field to save the ship from destruction.

Teryl Rothery, Amanda Tapping, Dan Shea, Tony Amendola, Ben Browder, Richard Dean Anderson, Carmen Argenziano, Christopher Judge, Michael Shanks, Gary Jones, Claudia Black, Morena Baccarin


“The other reason I took this job was so I could do really cool stuff like this. It is with great pride that my first order of business as a commander of this base is the announcement of the promotion of Major Samantha Carter to Lieutenant Colonel.”