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you know the common thought is bilbo cuddling up to thorin and laying his head on his chest which makes sense because is smaller but consider

thorin cuddling up to bilbo and laying his head on bilbos chest. bilbo running his fingers through thorins hair until he falls asleep. bilbo reading a book while thorin rests on his chest

i love cultural differences, like i am a SUCKER for it, especially for when it comes up in bagginshield

you know the trope where like thorin and bilbo try to court each other with their own ways, like bilbo through flowers and perhaps thorin through gems (and precious metals, like the mithril). i love the confusion there but like taking on the reverse !!!!!

bilbo taking the time and opportunity to learn how dwarves court, perhaps from balin, and then surprising thorin with the beginning of courtship. better if at first bilbo is shy about it so if it starts with a gift, he delivers it in a way that thorin doesnt know its from him. plus i imagine that there are probably several dwarves attempting to court thorin after erebor is reclaimed, so he writes it off until bilbo comes forward

okay uhhh im thinkin about baby frodo au right

juuuuust. imagine thorin holding frodo for the first time, in amazement, and whispering ‘my son’

and bilbo just rolls his eyes at him. because hes holding frodo so tenderly like hes afraid he’ll break him. and thorin does this a lot, bilbo finding him early in the morning knelt before the crib and telling frodo stories. when frodo is a lil older he almost always rides around on thorins shoulders ( going to the market, even in the house)

thorin teaches frodo to fight with a sword. (he wanted to start when frodo walked!! but bilbo said no. not until he can talk and walks more)

thorin takes frodo to bree once and shows him things there (the forge, bigger than hobbiton’s but not as great as erebors!) until frodo begs them to take him to rivendell and erebor

my fave trope combo is slow burn and mutual pining. where theyre dancing around each other. they think the other person doesnt have feelings for them (for a legitimate reason). but its so bad. everyone can see how in love they are with each other. why cant they see it. please someone help them because this is getting embarrassing

and yes, im wholeheartedly thinking bagginshield as i write this. post botfa and bilbo stays in erebor to help. and maybe he thinks thorin is too busy as king for a relationship. or maybe its just because bilbo is a hobbit and if the king marries someone it should be a dwarf. meanwhile. thorin thinks that hes lucky enough to have bilbo as a friend, after everything.

the company is exasperated because these two have been this way for too long. and bilbo isnt good at reading thorin in this regard. not open about his feelings either. thorin is waaay too affectionate and thats partly how he is, but seriously, how has bilbo not figured it out?

then something happens that forces them to realize or confront it. its so good. i lo v e it

wheres my feature length film of erebor being rebuilt. bilbo helping the dwarves rebuild their greatest kingdom. dwarves outside of the company distrust him at first, but its a very short time as they see the way the company and thorin trust him so deeply. its a soft movie, the slow development of the romance between bilbo and thorin. we see erebor flourish and her king ruling proudly with bilbo right at his side.

give me thorin and bilbo reuniting in the afterlife. i dont care if its not possible.

the first thing bilbo does when he sees thorin is hit him on the head. thorin lets it happen but then bilbo is hugging him tightly and crying again like the last time they saw each other.

bilbo and thorin spending endless time together. falling in love finally or they both realize that they realized their love when thorin was dying. they can finally be in love.

here i am again with another AU idea (i will never Stop)

modern erebor au in which erebor is never taken over or anything. for whatever reason bilbo ends up visiting erebor. maybe hes traveling, maybe with gandalf, and gandalf has them stop there. okay BUT

the first person bilbo meets is thorin. thorin is dressed down and does not look like a Kingly Figure. fast forward to later, bilbo and gandalf go to have dinner with the royal fam. lets say that thorin looks different enough dressed up as King that bilbo just doesnt… recognize him. obviously thorin sees bilbo and recognizes him. but he realizes bilbo doesnt.

hijinks ensue. bilbo doesnt get along well at first with the king but leeeeets say he falls fast and hard for thorin,,, maybe also starts having feelings for the king and hes like ‘oh no’

i need to write more so please have a small fem!bagginshield oneshot

Bilbo had initially started going to the gym, because as Frodo said, she’d ‘needed’ to. (Not that way, just that Frodo thought it might be helpful for her to get out of the house more.)

Yoga had been Frodo’s suggestion as well. 

A steady amount of weekly yoga classes had been more helpful than she’d initially thought. For various reasons, Bilbo thought, as she rolled out her mat and peeked back over her shoulder. The room that the yoga class used shared a windowed wall with the gym’s weight room. 

And Bilbo’s main motivation for attending yoga had turned from being a little more limber to… well…

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im just thinking about it 

the dwarves are so undeniably loyal to thorin but they also wouldnt follow his order to throw bilbo from the ramparts and some of them physically tried to stop thorin from doing that (and then bofur gets bilbo away so he can get off the ramparts safely)

and its just like?? only months ago these dwarves are rolling their eyes and laughing at this hobbit and now they wont follow their king’s word to hurt him i mean