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Natalie and kris talking about What happened to Evey and their personal relationships with Riley and Gretchen respectively. Set after the events of the season finale. could be a Convo in the coffee shop. I just love these two characters and I think they have tons of friendship potential. Love to see kris being all snappy to Natalie in a fun way but also be vulnerable since Nats can read her mind. Thx. xo


Turns out, the webseries of your dreams already exists.

Watch Edge of Normal season 1 here:

Or, better yet, watch ALL the video’s in chronological order (everything will make so much more sense. Just trust me on this one):

safgete  asked:

Is going to be season 2?

Hi there, thanks for the ask. This is a fan blog so any opinions here are not the ones of Edge of Normal creator leeloo104 and/or wonderly (EoN production company).

That said, I do believe there is a season 2 in the works and I think it might be release sometime around summer as season 1 was release over summer.

But, the official stand of the creator as you can read in the speak up section of the official website here, is that a season 2 haven’t been green-lit by Wonderly and that the best way to show your support is by sharing, watching, tweeting and so more people will watch it and love it!

Good buzz on social media is good so Wonderly knows we want EoN back, because I miss me some Natalie,Gretchen, Riley,Evey,Kimmi and overall KRIS!!!!

Again thanks for the ask, safgete! who is your favorite character and why?

<—Me without EoN