amanda marie mural


Mando Marie’s “The Light Touch” at Thinkspace Gallery.

Opening this Saturday, August 20th, 2016 at Thinkspace Gallery in their project room in Culver City, California is artist Mando Marie’s solo exhibition “The Light Touch.”

A stencil artist based out of Colorado, Marie creates large-scale site-specific murals and works on paper and canvas. Her images invoke a time of innocence through hyper-stylized and intentionally dated depictions of children and animals. With nostalgic storybook-like imagery that is at once playful and ominous, Marie subtly pairs lighter subject matter with elements of the uncanny. With graphic concision and compositional simplicity, particularly in her use of clean cut-out silhouettes, muted palettes, and graphic patterning, Marie uses seemingly innocuous images to convey more complex, and at times darker and more sinister, adult themes.

The Light Touch” will be on display until September 10th, 2016.  In conjunction to this show Marie has completed a stunning mural in Marina Del Rey which can be seen below:

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