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  • A lot of hugs
  • backhugs
  • sidehugs
  • front hugs
  • just a lot of hugs
  • sharing earbuds
  • “Did you know we are 92.96 miles from the sun?”
  • “Do you mean 92.96 million miles?”
  • “Oh yeah you’re right”
  • Him buying you a ton of stuff when he’s on tour
  • because EVERYTHING reminds him of you
  • Slow dancing in the kitchen
  • Being hyper aware and protective of you when you go out together in public
  • Whispering sweet things to you right before you fall asleep
  • You trying to convince him not to overwork himself
  • Falling asleep waiting for him at the dance studio
  • Waking up to Lay curled around you and a blanket thrown on top because he’s too tired to walk back home
  • Buying you a lamb plushie so you can cuddle him when he’s away
  • Lazy morning cuddles
  • Teaching you guitar by placing you in his lap and putting his fingers over your to create chords
  • He forgets your anniversary one year and feels really terrible so he marks it on the calender for the next ten years
  • Always trying to make him laugh/smile just see his dimple
  • Telling you everything about China when he’s homesick
  • Video chats whenever he gets the chance if he’s on tour
  • Comfortable silence
  • Really subtle couple items
  • Like bracelets
  • Writing a really sweet love song about you
  • It’s so sweet and heartfelt you would probably cry
  • Then cry harder when you hear it fully produced on an album
  • Quiet moments when the two of you just enjoy each other’s company
  • Sharing a scarf when it’s cold
  • Sweet innocent cheek kisses
  • Just a really cute relationship full of sugar and spice and everything nice
EXO When They Have a Crush On a Foreigner

I’m sure this is most international fans’ dream ;)
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Xiumin: He would try to find out everything he possibly can about your country, wanting to more about you and where you’re from.
“I saw this giant building online… what’s it called?”

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Luhan: He’d be used to your accent but still be completely astonished whenever you took a phone call from home and heard your native tongue.
“What is she saying… Wait that’s my name… Is she talking about me???”

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Kris: Trying to be as charming as possible he would try to get close to you by acting like a mentor, slowly teaching you Chinese culture and language.
“Try not to speak English, practice your Chinese!”

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Suho: He would think it’s adorable whenever you forget or mispronounce a word, shyly correcting you until he start teasing him about his English.
“Ok, you’re better at English, but I’m better at Korean!”

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Lay: He would try to use his rather poor language skills when you just start spit fire speaking in Chinese or Korean leaving him only responding in one word sentences.
“Yeah… Uh huh… Wait, where are you from?”

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Chen: He would read up on your culture and country to try to get closer to you and find more things to talk about, but when you teasingly accuse him of that he would turn bashful.
“What, no! I just know a lot about a country you happen to be from…”

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Baekhyun: He would totally act like a puppy and start learning small cute sentences in your native language, maybe jokingly (not really) saying ‘I love you’.
“Hello Y/N!! Love you♡♡

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Chanyeol: He would beg you to let him visit you in your home country, and when you finally ask him too he wouldn’t be able to stop looking everywhere.
“Wow, this is your hometown! It’s almost as pretty as you :)”

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D.O: He’d have trouble handling a crush anyway but he honestly wouldn’t know what to do about a foreign crush and would probably just be polite and hope you notice him.
“Hey Y/N, how was your day?”

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Tao: This boy would probably tell you he did speak your native language and when you start speaking to him in it, would just answer everything with ‘yes’.
“Uh huh, yes… yes… can you possibly speak Chinese?”

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Kai: He wouldn’t know what to say to you most of the time but would try to get over cultural differences and backgrounds to find some excuse to talk to you.
“So… the weather’s been nice!”

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Sehun: At first he would just admire you from afar and try to learn phrases from your language but when he finally approaches you and you speak Korean he is taken aback.
“I could have talked to you this entire time?!”

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i. I’ve lost Amanda and I’m a little worried but it’s fine because everybody is
buzzing around me and before you ask if I’m drunk the answer is yes and
I’m laying on the ground and I swear I can feel the grass growing
beneath my fingertips, right below my toes don’t you hear it?
ii. Some girls ask if I’m okay and I say yes yes yes and they doesn’t believe
me and that’s okay but would you just look at how the stars shine would you
just stop and breathe and pay attention to everything the world has to offer
without expecting more?
iii. I ask them if they’ve ever seen the stars, without being told to
without asking too much of them, without caring if they were in the right place
at the right time. And I think they’re already gone before I finish the question
and it’s fine, I’ll just soak them up all on my own. 
iv. Amanda is laying down beside me now and she’s giggling talking about
her boyfriend and I nod and smile and ask if she’s seen the stars yet.

So to everyone that wanted an ABY playlist

1.        Say Something- A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

2.       Rose’s Farewell (Steven Universe)- Adriana Figueroa

3.       I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing- Aerosmith

4.      Dare ka, Umi wo (Terror in Resonance)- Aimer

5.       Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley)- Ako

6.      RASHIBA (Barakamon)- Ako

7.      Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts)- Amanda Lee

8.      Lay Your Hands On Me (Kiznaiver)- Amanda Lee

9.      A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella)- Annapantsu

10.    Everything Stays (Adventure Time)- Annapantsu

11.      Fly Me to The Moon (Evangelion)- Annapantsu

12.     For Fruits Basket (Fruits Basket)- Annapantsu

13.     I Won’t Say I’m in Love (Hercules)- Annapantsu

14.    It’s Over, Isn’t It? (Steven Universe)- Annapantsu

15.    Somewhere Over The Rainbow- Annapantsu

16.    Hello Goodbye & Hello (Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below)- Anri Kumaki

17.    Just Can’t Get Enough- The Black Eyed Peas

18.    When I Was Your Man- Bruno Mars

19.    Beautiful- Christina Aguilera

20.   Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri

21.     Titanium (ft. Sia)- David Guetta & Sia

22.   Nightingale- Demi Lovato

23.   Stone Cold- Demi Lovato

24.   Warrior- Demi Lovato

25.   Can’t Help Falling in Love- Elvis Presley

26.   The Kids Aren’t Alright- Fall Out Boy

27.   Young Volcanoes- Fall Out Boy

28.   Build Me Up Buttercup- The Foundations

29.   I Won’t Give Up- Jason Mraz

30.   Sugar Song to Bitter Step (Kekkai Sensen)- Jenny

31.     Drop Pop Candy- Jubyphonic

32.   Love Yourself- Justin Bieber

33.   Not Like the Movies- Katy Perry

34.   Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

35.   The One That Got Away (ft. B.o.B.)- Katy Perry

36.   Unconditionally- Katy Perry

37.   Who Am I Living For- Katy Perry

38.   Wide Awake- Katy Perry

39.   Once Upon A December (Anastasia)- Kyle Landry (piano)

40.  Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty)- Kyle Landry (piano)

41.    Bink’s Sake (One Piece)- Kyle Landry (piano)

42.   Can You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio)- Kyle Landry (piano)

43.   Go The Distance (Hercules)- Kyle Landry (piano)

44.  I See The Light (Tangled)- Kyle Landry (piano)

45.   Part Of Your World (The Little Mermaid)- Kyle Landry (piano)

46.  Reflection (Mulan)- Kyle Landry

47.  Someday (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)- Kyle Landry (piano)

48.  Somewhere Out There (An American Tail)- Kyle Landry (piano)

49.  Yomusagara Kimi Omou- LittleJayneyCakes

50.   Into the Unknown (Over the Garden Wall)- Lizz R.

51.    Lost in Thoughts All Alone (Fire Emblem Fates)- Lizz R.

52.   Miraikei Answer (My Love Story!!)- Lizz R.

53.   Battle Cry- Ludo

54.   Japan It!- Ludo

55.   Hopeless Romantic- Meghan Trainor

56.   Like I’m Gonna Lose You (ft. John Legend)- Meghan Trainor

57.   Madness- Muse

58.   Comet (Steven Universe)- NateWantstoBattle

59.   Here Comes A Thought (Steven Universe)- NateWantstoBattle

60.  It’s Over, Isn’t It? (Steven Universe)- NateWantstoBattle

61.    It’s the Right Time (Parasyte)- NateWantstoBattle

62.   My Freeze Ray (Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog)- Neil Patrick Harris

63.   Fall Into These Arms- New Politics

64.  My Love- New Politics

65.   Stuck On You- New Politics

66.  15 Dreams- New Politics

67.  Just Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)- P!nk

68.  Always- Panic! At the Disco

69.  Impossible Year- Panic! At the Disco

70.  This is Gospel- Panic! At the Disco (piano version)

71.    The End of All Things- Panic! At the Disco

72.   Brick By Boring Brick- Paramore (acapella)

73.   The Only Exception- Paramore

74.  Killer Queen- Queen

75.   Stay (ft. Mikky Ekko)- Rihanna

76.  Shiki no Uta (Samarai Champloo)- Sapphire

77.  Unforgettable (Finding Dory)- Sia

78.  I’ll Never Fall in Love Again (Strange Magic)- Strange Magic Soundtrack

79.  Hall of Fame (ft. The Script

80.  Something Entirely New Remix (Steven Universe)- Video Game Remix

81.    Rainbow Connection (ft. Hayley Williams)- Weezer & Hayley Williams

82.   Falling in Love (Will Kill You) (ft. Gerard Way)- Wrongchilde

83.   Hyadain no Kataomoi (Nichijou)- Y. Chang

84.  Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kiun)- Y. Chang

85.   Kimi ni Todoke (Kimi ni Todoke)- Y. Chang

Malleus Maleficarum - Part 1

Word Count: 2059

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Witches are gross 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“So you’re telling me all this Janet chick’s teeth fell out and she choked on them and the blood…and died?” You asked Sam as you were rummaging underneath the victim’s sink.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you.” Sam said, rummaging under the sink with you.

“Ok. Just checking.” You shrugged. “Yahtzee.” You pulled the hex bag out from its place, stuffed up under the pipes and handed it to Sam.

“I’ll check the rest of the bathroom.” Sam said. “Go see if Dean needs help. You know he sucks at empathy.

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