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Updated: A Guide to Follow All True Crime Upcoming Projects

(Note: This post will be updated as new information comes. Feel free to message me if I’m missing something so I can add it)

“Beware the Slenderman”

Format: Documentary

Summary: Explores the case of two 12 year orld girls, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, who stabbed another classmate inspired by the creepypasta of Slenderman, whom they thought was a real character.

Premieres: January 23d, in HBO.

“Casting JonBenet”

Format: Documentary.

Summary: It will focus on the fascination that exists with the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey and how the case has shaped relationships between parents and their children since then. It will include interviews with people from Boulder, Colorado, who will talk about the impact the investigation had on the town.

Premieres: In April, on Netflix.

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In the opening of the film, to explain why what happened to her was an injustice, Amanda Knox says “Either I am a psychopath in sheep’s clothing or I am you” and again, I found myself wondering who this “you” is. Because this narrative only works if the “you” is meant to be white and of a certain class and education. The only way that this film can cause identification with Amanda Knox is if the “you” is a fellow white person terrified by the miscarriage of justice because “omg it can happen to “us” as well!”. There is not a single mention of how miscarriages of justice disproportionately affect people of color, not even when Ms. Knox mentions that she now works as an advocate for the wrongly convicted. Instead, we are treated to an hour and a half of “white fear”. Injustice, the documentary seems to imply, is not just for “those people”. And of course, the glaring omission of the (white) elephant in the room: when the she was under severe pressure, she deflected by pointing to the person that in Western imaginations already carries the stigma of the stereotypical over sexualized other: the Black man. Needless to say, this action is not coded as a miscarriage of justice by itself. The filmmakers, instead, stress on how afraid she was, how she was pressured by the Italian authorities to confess to a crime she did not commit, etc. There isn’t a single interrogation of why she might point to a Black man or the already precarious situation of Black migrants in Italy, often targets of racist violence. Instead, and this is the “slip” that gives away the racist mechanism in the film, she says “she was under so much pressure that she imagined, perhaps even dreamed of Lumumba at the scene of the crime”. For centuries, white imagination has always placed the Other at the scene of the crime.

Sorry, but all the bleeding hearts for Amanda Knox make me sick. She is not the victim in this, she is a self involved murderer who has absolutely no compassion for her victim’s family. She has changed her story so many times, profited from her victim’s violent murder and then has the gall to talk as though she knows how the Kercher family feels.

She is guilty. Before you go screaming about the Italian court system, take a look at your own and get a clue about why double jeopardy isn’t fucking relevant.

Freeing Amanda Knox doesn't make her innocent just as much as being in jail didn't make her guilty.

I honestly don’t have a solid opinion on Amanda Knox and I don’t know how anyone can?

There was little to no evidence yet her story never added up.

Having said that. I am glad she is free.
She went through a sexist and unjust trial by media instead of looking at hard evidence and there was none.

If she is innocent and I hope she is as she is walking a free woman, I am happy for her.