amanda jolly

#ThanksObama. For 8 beautiful years, you, your incredible family, and your vision led us. I still remember seeing you as a senator, transfixed as you spoke, thinking, “Him, he should be our president.” I remember election night, crying with my dad, feeling a joy and hope for this country I love that I’d never known before. You got my vote twice. You still have it. I love you, and thanks for making me believe that Yes We Can.

After 3.5 wonderful years, I’m heading out of Warner Animation Group. Not a bad run for what was first proposed as a 4 month stint. Haha. I’ve learned more than I ever imagined, and got to help make an entire film from its earliest concept stages to its final production work. Most notably, I couldn’t have asked for a better, kinder team along the way. It’s been a truly fantastic experience, but it’s time for the next phase. New, good things right around the corner!


Hey guys! A few months back, I did an interview for 3D Total’s new publication Character Design Quarterly. Right now, that publication is in Kickstarter form, so pop over to the page and check it out. The people they’ve interviewed are fantastic, and the quality of the visuals is amazing. They’ve done a beautiful job!

So omg. I should really be posting more about our movie STORKS, which is coming out SEPTEMBER 23RD! (GO SEE IT)

BUT YOU GUYS! Here is a poster up at a major shopping plaza in SoCal, and it’s based off a piece of vis dev I made for our movie some time last year! OH MY GOD. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post my original sometime soon, but suffice it to say, it’s out of this world seeing something I made translated into a promotion of our film.


My puppy is 3 years old today!

One year ago, we adopted her from the shelter. She was set to be put down that day, was withdrawn and aloof, hadn’t been combed in over a month, and had such low spirits. Today, she is the goofiest, most loving, most cuddly little girl there ever was. We couldn’t love her more if we tried. She’s one of the best things in my life.

Happy birthday, Macey!!


YOU GUYS!!!  Here’s a BFD: They finally released a teaser of the movie I’ve been working on for almost two and a half years.  Being “delivered” (nyuk nyuk) to you next September: STORKS!!!  YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! 

THINGS I CONTRIBUTED TO IN THIS TEASER: From a design standpoint, I worked a ton on the babies in this trailer as well as many of the poses and actions of our main girl, Tulip (again, not the animation but the pose designs).  Also, that “old slide” of the storks delivering babies in Egypt, that’s my painting!  haha.  HUZZAH!!!!  So excited for some of this work to finally be available for other eyes!