amanda is a grump


Dream Daddy sparkly button set! ✨ 

All 7 dateable dads + your daughter Amanda. Gonna be selling these at Fan Expo at table A37.
I know they look like they’re in a strip club or something LOL but the concept was that they’re supposed to look like they’re posing for pin-ups…get it…because they’re on buttons (except Amanda). I know there’s a lot of Ddadds merch out there already and a lot of them look cute but y'all know I’m about the SPICY. I tried to make Amanda look cute but I accidentally made her a bit spicy looking too OOPS… it kind of looks like she’s staring at them LOL?? We just sent them in today and TBH I have been working on these nonstop for the past 4ish days and have not been eating properly. The buttons have glitter on them so they’ll look extra SHINY. I’ll prob sell them for $3 each and 2 for $5. 

Edit: I might sell the extras after the con! Come back in Sept. on my blog to see updates thanks guys