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Sherlock + Ammo/Ammunition

John: Moriarty wanted Sherlock destroyed, right? And you have given him the perfect ammunition.

Sherlock: Who employed you?
Mary: Anyone who paid well.
Sherlock: Who from?
Mary: I don’t know. Just another voice on the phone, and a code word, “Ammo.”
Sherlock: “Ammo”?
Mary: Like “ammunition.”

Coming to Terms - Teenage!Todd and Teenage!Amanda

Teen!Todd: I’m not gay! I like girls

Teen!Amanda: I’m not saying that! I’m saying you might be bi

Teen!Todd: What?

Teen!Amanda: Bisexual! It means you likes girls AND boys!

Teen!Todd: I don’t know…. I’ll think- why you on my case about this?

Teen!Amanda: Because you’re bi and you’re ignoring that fact 

Teen!Todd: FIne! Maybe…. I don’t know?! Yeah….

Teen!Amanda: Yeah???

Teen!Todd: Yeah… I’m bi

Teen!Amanda: Yeee (hugs) We should re-name our band to Bisexual Mexicans! 

Teen!Todd: No 

Teen!Amanda: Bisexual Funeral?? 

Teen!Todd: That sounds horrible