amanda griffith

Taylor Swift's 4th of July Weekend- Photo Journal

Taylor Swift: Look Ina Garten !!!! We wish you were here– love, TS, Jaime King, Amanda Griffith

Amanda Griffith: My official American initiation begins… one berry at a time. #4thofJulyweekend #baking Taylor Swift & Jaime King

Taylor Swift: The Ocean State

Taylor Swift: Sea stampede.

Taylor Swift: We made apple pie because America. 

Taylor Swift: Me and Odeya Rush and the sunset making my hair look red.

Jaime King: Portrait of Heaven amongst friends. Taylor, Amanda, Ashley, Dan, Austin, Jessica, Jess, Odeya, Andrew, Emma, Colin, Vicky, Simon & Zac. Shot by@kyle_newman

Odeya Rush: Taylor Swift photography

Ingrid Michaelson <3

Taylor Swift: Took this of Jaime King and then showed it to everyone constantly for the whole trip.

Taylor Swift: Family portrait.

Odeya Rush: Happy Fourth <3 Taylor Swift