amanda drummond


‘Room’, Lenny Abrahamson (2015)

One, two, three… There’s room, then outer space, with all the TV planets, then heaven. Plant is real, but not trees. Spiders are real, and one time the mosquito that was sucking my blood. But squirrels and dogs are just TV, except Lucky. He’s my dog who might come some day. Monsters are too big to be real, and the sea. TV persons are flat and made of colors. But me and you are real.

#Filth review

The film tells the story of a man who is trying to get a promotion at work, after a guy is beaten up by a gang, he leads the investigation, at the same time as trying to slander the other people running for the position as well as “prank” his best friend. As the film goes on, we realise that he is hiding something, and it comes out in the very end.

The film has a few stories running through it, it has the main character trying to eliminate the competition for a job promotion, by sullying their names and it also has a case where someone was murdered in the town. 

We meet a crooked cop, who is always thinking about his wife, what we think is her talking, is actually his vision of her in his mind. She is a tease, and loves power, which is why he is trying his best to get the promotion. He does this in different ways, he turns people against each other, sullies their names, or makes them think about other things apart from the promotion.

Its obvuious that the man has problems, we question the wife visions we get, and we eventually find out that she left him, and thinks of her to keep her close to him. He tries to save a man’s life, and fails, which reminds him of his own brother, who died, and we question whether or not he let his brother die because his father thought he was the better son. This at the same time of being visited by the mans wife, who reminds him not only of his failure to save her husbands life, but also his own inadequacies concerning his brother

When it hits its peak, we realise that the man really has snapped, and all these things factor into his breakdown – and its only when he realises that he is hurting the only person who wants to be his friend that he kinda fixes up his life.

The film to me felt like it is it must be like to be bi-polar – there are extreme highs and lows, as well as visions of people as animals. Its an uncomfortable watch, and decent, but no way as good as Irvine Welsh’s other book-film adaptation Trainspotting.