amanda conrad

Let's look at Victoria's good deeds

Victoria is the “villain” but her accusers forget all she actually did for them

1) she tried to vindicate David Clarke on more than one occasion
2) she was for real going to testify against her own husband
3) she tried to take care of Lydia, even though she was hoping that Lydia wouldn’t remember their fight
4) she had the decency to warn Lydia that the plane was equipped with a bomb. She could have let Lydia die.
5) she didn’t abort David’s baby. She loved Charlotte.
6) she was haunted by her actions and her love for David
7) she was glad to see everyone who ignored her pleas that David was innocent go down
8) she tried to sacrifice her life for Amanda when crazy Malcolm kidnapped them both
9) she saved David’s ass from that crazy gold digger who was trying to upstage Victoria and starved Conrad’s father to death. She tried to warn David, then was smart enough to tape the woman’s confession.
10) She loved Daniel and Charlotte unconditionally. Let’s not forget the reason she was coerced into going along with the David Clarke framing in the first place was to protect her 8 year old son.
11) She agreed to keep quiet and cover for Emily after Daniel died…FOR David.
12) she begged Margeaux not to go after Emily.

Her character was not done justice in the end. Amanda Clarke sees things only one way: her way.